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    so I work at a smaller hub, Fargo ND. I work on our air recovery and load a plane every night. We transfer packages from the hub to a jet center, and load a contracted plane.
    Anyways my question is this, every night before we head out to the airport we fill out a manifest and then sign it. Here's my question, is the hourly employee responsible for filling out, and most importantly signing it? I feel as if the responsibility of the manifest shouldn't fall under an hourly employee, especially when a signature is involved.

    I would like to know if this is managements responsibility.
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    Seems like a very specific question. Why not ask a co-worker, or a management member?
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    I asked my immediate supervisor, he didn't even know we had a manifest...he's only been with ups for 4 months. I think management is responsible for signing the manifest that's given to the pilot, I just can't comfirm it.
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    What is this manifest you sign have on it ????
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    The manifest has the total weight, # of packages, any hazardous packages that are being loaded, the type of aircraft that is carrying the packages. It's for the pilot and I'm unsure what he does with it.
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    The thing is if something were to be wrong, they'll look at the signature and see whomever the hourly employee is, and I have no doubt it'll not turn out well for him/her.

    I believe it should be managements responsibility to sign off on something so important.
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    It's much the same reason pkg car drivers are required to carry hazmat papers in the cab until the hazmats are delivered.
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    If management isn't loading the Plane or containers than they shouldn't be signing the manifest. The person / persons that are loading the plane or contain should sign the manifest as they know what was loaded.
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    Out air recovery guys are specially trained to load cans. I never had the training but I did assist at the air station back in my day.

    The loaders always signed the paper work.
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    Okay, thanks. I guess I just thought with something of that importance that a supervisor would sign off on it, instead of a single part time package handler who doesn't even load the plane.
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