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    I do not work at UPS but I want to. I have a construction labor job right now that is going NOWHERE!! I'm interested to know how most of you got on w/UPS and where you started. There are all kinds of part time handlers jobs here locally but, I am making bout $15hr at my job right now. Only thing is I have absolutely no benefits, lots of stress, and not enough work. So, I'm lookin to get on w/UPS. Looks like they have good benefits and decent pay to start out. Looks like I'd like to be a driver of some sort. Probly not tractor trailor driver but a van(big or small) would be fine.
    Can I just jump in and be a driver?
    My names Brad
    Thanks in advance for your answers and suggestions.
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    I'm very new with UPS, but it seems like getting on as a driver right from the jump is pretty tough to come by, unless you know someone.
    There are guys in my hub that have been waiting 3 years to get the chance.

    Good luck bro. I made the switch from constuction myself. It was time to make a career move.
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    Our contract requires that a minimum number of inside employees be promoted to driver before any outside hire--in my region this ratio is 6 insiders for every 1 outsider. When I was hired off the street as a driver in 1989 the ratio was 3 to 1. It took my 11 months to get my seniority--today the wait can be 5 years or more. The wait for an insider to be promoted to driver will vary from region to region depending upon whether you are in area of growth or decline. My preloader is currently awaiting a call to go to the corrections academy as he is #14 on the list to be promoted and simply cannot wait that long to become a driver. So, if he is #14, that means he would have to wait for 13 insiders and 2 outsiders to go driving before he does, which means he is actually #16 and could be looking at close to 10 years.

    The best way to become a driver is to start on the inside and work your way up. Good luck.
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    I know, I shouldn't post here, as out of the country and no longer with UPS.
    But the main factor here, you need to think about is :

    That you will get hired as part-timer first. Loading/unloading trucks and trailers. Earning only $8.50 or something per hr.... maybe only 20 hrs a week.
    No bennies at all for the first entire year.
    Driving, or ft work, probably not for years.

    Now, can you live on that, compared to construction ?
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    Im a seasoned veteran and drive package car for UPS. In my time at UPS I have only seen 1 guy hired off the street into driving, was working for another delivery company and drove for us for a few years seasonally before being hired. So very mostly likely you will be starting p/t and there are many different shifts depending on where you are so I couldnt say what. Starting pay to my knowledge is much lower than your current pay unless it is higher by area which I dont think it is. It will take you awhile to get benefits as well. It can take quite a long time to become a driver. In my center it has been from 1.5 years for the super lucky and up to 6 for most. I would say the times have changed now though because our bottom 5 drivers hardly ever work anymore and that has never been the case in the past. That seems to be the trend around the US so you could be waiting 5-10 years for a full time job or maybe more. By the way the stress level is very high for UPS as well. I would talk to drivers in your area and see what they have to say as well. Good luck:peaceful: