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    Hello everyone, I just got hired as a preloader last week and I was just wandering who to talk to or what to do if I want to switch to unloading section? We got an interview and a tour 2 months ago, and was oriented with unloading and didn't say anything about the pre-load. I'm still confused with all those route number, shelves, irregs, hazmat packages and the pt supervisor already gave me 4 trucks to load in and needs to finish it. I was expecting to be an unloader so if by any chance, can I talk to someone for this matter?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Ask your direct supervisor who the Full time sup is and he or she is who you need to talk with. Being that your new unless you pose a problem with misloads you may be stuck where your at for a while.
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    They are going to put you where they need you. You really don't have a choice.

    Just take you time and get the right boxes in the right truck. Don't try to be a hero and keep up with the belt becauce its not going to happen. If your getting hammered just start stacking the boxes and when things slow down start loading them again one at a time. It will take a little while but you'll get the hang of it. If not they might move you to the primary where you think you want to be.

    Good luck. I'd worry about making my 30 days before I start complain about where I'm working but that's me.
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    Wow, 4 trucks? Just got hired, yeah that's a UPS thing for sure. Don't worry I pull 4 trucks myself, 2 business, one split, and one really packed residental car. If you talk to your supervisor, a supervisor you can relate/talk to easily with surely helps. Just say you rather be in the unload section. They might allow that. Of course, like the guy above me said. They usually put you where they need you the most.

    Don't be a hero, take your time, don't work on your break, if it's coming down really insanely heavy. You're a human and not a robot. Just remember that. Do what you can, and work at a calm safe pace. "safety first" lol. Anywho, when I first started out with UPS I was in the unload. with the '3' seconds for a box, I didn't think I would last 2weeks. The manager back then who was really nice, got me to move to a loadline. I'm happy where I am. I get to work with really hilarious people who make a difference. Trust me that helps.

    Anyway I hope you get to switch positions, the pros about the unloading trailer divison. Is UPS is getting rid of those "W"s trailers, those under bellies. Which was a real pain in the donkey to get those heavy boxes/tires out of.