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    I work in small sort and have been coming in early for set-up for over a year now. A guy on my line with higher seniority recently said he wanted to start doing it, so my supervisor kicked me off set-up and put him on. I had someone tell me that they aren't allowed to do that since he already had the option when I first started doing it. My supervisor is new and screws up a lot so I am not sure who's right.
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    Unfortunately your supervisor is right. Seniority rules in a union shop. Sorry.
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    Absolutely your supervisor is right
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    set up is extra work, not a bid position, sorry champ.
  5. menotyou

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    My sup use to give this to her pet. Extra work goes by seniority. Sorry.
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    The person with higher seniority has first rights to "start" before the shift start time.

    I have dealt with this issue before and bumped a PT'er. Usually, unless your work area has VARIED start times (we have a few) and it was a "skilled" job you have held for a long time, it would seem seniority rules and the senior person can bump you. Small sort setup is not "skilled", worked setup and in SS for a year and a half.

    Are you both part-time? FT? Or one Full-time? FT always bumps PT, esp in the event the FT has to "punch in" after a lunch which happens to occur earlier than the start time.
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    Technically, the sort has the same start time. No staggered starts.
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    Setup Work is part of your regular job, especially if you have been doing it daily for over a year. Your "early" start time is your start time. You are not being called in early on occasion as the need arises. This is not really "extra" work; it's just work.

    Since the higher seniority employee had an opportunity to bid the earlier start time and declined, the bid job is yours. According to Article 22, Section 4, he has the right to bid any new job or permanent vacancy, but does not have the right to bump you.

    Staggered Starts were introduced in my building years ago. I tried to fight it and tried to explain the trouble it would cause, but as usual, no one did anything about it.
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    I would file a grievance just in case. I would also imagine every local handles this differently ( whether right or wrong). In our local, the person would be bumped.
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    Were the senior people offered the original option? How would the OP know? We were not offered the extra work at my center. That does make it grievable. Secondly, it is our contract about staggered starts. Not an option, here. Filed one grievance. Doesn't happen anymore. We had a driver that would leave at 8 am every morning because her route started right out of the building and went about 1.5 miles round trip. She could come back for her stuff at any time. No more.
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    They should have at least on member on each belt for set up.