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    If your vacation weeks aren't in the system, will you eventually be paid for them? I submitted my weeks to my supervisor, but he never put them in. I'm not planning on actually using them, but just wanted to know what will happen since they were never entered in the system. Will I receive a check covering all of them at some point?
  2. Ask him to put them in the system. Problem solved.
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    Y wouldn’t you use your vacation time ?
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    You will get your checks the week after Thanksgiving. It happened to me the 1st year that I worked, the center manager said that I did not have the time in to take a vacation and tore up my sheet.

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    I am assuming you are talking about it not showing on
    If April 1 is your anniversary date, it will not show on your Time Off Viewer until that date happens.

    Management should have a printed vacation sheet which would show upcoming vacations. If you are entitled to a vacation and you suspect that you will not receive one, TALK TO YOUR UNION STEWARD.
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    Maybe the reason that your prospective vacation days aren't "in the system" (not sure what that means) is because your Supervisor has to check and see if another employee with more seniority than you already requested those same days off -- then, you may have to pick alternate days.

    Maybe that's why those days haven't been officially approved yet. I dunno know.
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