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    I have been a part-time loader for over a year now and was hoping to relocate to a different location. I was told I had to sign up for school and attend a class in that new location. So i sent in my paper work for transfer and was told that I could go ahead and relocated and attend school and that I would not be fired for not attending work. A month later I was told my transfer was denied for the lack of hours taken for school, my rep told me there was no requirement of hours taken so I only took the one class.. She then told me she would override it and approve my transfer. Well I haven't worked in over 2 months and I starting to think I am not going to be approved for transfer.
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    One class is not going to cut it. You have to take at least 12-15 credit hours for the transfer to be approved.
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    I asked my HR rep before enrolling in school if I needed to take a certain number of classes and she told me no. That their isn't a requirement of number of classes that have to be taken to transfer. And if that is the policy then she has screwed me. She hasn't told me to come back to work she just keeps telling me she is going to see it through.
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