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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by BigJack21, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. BigJack21

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    Hey everybody, long time UPSer, first time poster here. Just had a few questions about UPS advancement opportunities.

    I've been a loader for almost 3 years, and recently an HR guy asked me if i'd be interested in any higher-up jobs, I said yes, and he suggested I apply for a part-time supervisor position as there's apparently going to be a few sups promoted in my hub. (Ideally i'd like to be a pickoff sorter, been qualified for about a year, but given the way people cling to that position I might as well ask for a unicorn too right?)

    Anyway, i've read on here quite a bit about being a part-time sup, and seen the generally negative response to it, so i'm still on the fence about it, but I was just looking for help as to how I should go about applying? The HR guy I talked to told me everything was online, but when I went to UPSers it said that the TMS can only be accessed inside a UPS facility? So, do I have to use a computer in the facility? And I also heard something about a "letter of intent", but can't find anything on UPSers about what that entails or should look like. I just can't seem to get my hands on some solid, "do this, then this" information.

    I figure i'd like to get my hat in the ring, I figure it couldn't hurt to have my name in the pool even if they don't select me right away, right?

    Loading's alright, and in this economy it's a job, period, which I am thankful for. The benefits are what i'm here for, mainly the tuition assistance. I'm a tall guy with a some bone problems and part of my interest in becoming a PT sup lies there, not giving my knees and back a beating every night (I bend at the knees and do all the keys and steps, but when you're well over 6' there's still going to be problems).

    Also, does anyone know if there's a base salary rate for a PT sup? I'd like to compare that to what i'm earning now.

    Any info/input would be really appreciated, thanks everyone!
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I hate to state the obvious but why wouldn't you just ask your part time supervisor how he or she applied for their position.
  3. UPSGUY72

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    If you want a long career at UPS stay where your are if you looking for a little more money right now and then eventually moving on to another job then the PT Sup position might be a good job for you. IF you go the PT SUP route you most likely will have a short career with UPS. If you have been around 3 years I'm sure you have seen a lot of PT Sups come and go there is a reason for that.
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    Yea, a lot of guys I work with say the supes simply don't last. I've been a loader for nearly 5 months but notice alot of stress imposed daily on supes & all for a few extra measly dollars. Want job security?, just keep grinding day after day with what you're doing. It's a hectic 4 hours/night but that's just it. Not so bad
  5. AssistantSanta

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    If you don't get along with yours, make friends with another supe. Ask about their job, etc.
  6. BigJack21

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    I did that. Then got told "everything is online on upsers." Only to find pretty much nothing on UPSers.
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    good luck in what choice you make. are you union if you are and you leave theres no coming back , you can ask every one but you will be the one to decide . if you hve a second job you will most liklie have to alter your hours , theres a lot to your choice. but just remeber the grass is not greener ,on that side our our side.