Questions about being a UPS Employee... I hate my job.

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by I H8 Peak, Nov 23, 2011.

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    So, Quitting is not an option just to clear this out of the way, I am currently working @ minimum wage and work 4 hours a day, no benefits, I have to do the following for $30 a day. It has started getting to me, and I am not liking having to go threw this to become a driver... I don't know if I wan't to deal with this for 4 years before I make decent money, nobody in there right frame of mind would be jubilant about doing this job.

    I work at a small UPS building, not a large one but we cover a LARGE area. Only 3 local sort members and I am the runt as they like to call me and have been for quite some time now... Right now I am unloading about 20 trucks in 1 1/2 hours but I have to back them into the building myself, park them, deal with drivers taking the keys home with them, I get no help the other 2 will stand at the belt and watch me, trucks so full you have to unlock from the back (Not even peak season yet, don't see where they are going to put more boxes?) but I am the runt unloading while the fat loud mouth guy scans, and another loads the semi trailers. I fill 2 semi trailers worth of boxes all the way up a day for $30 a day this should be a $100 a day job AT LEAST it's starting to take a toll on me and make me feel like it's slave labor and corporate is taking advantage of me.

    Then after I deal with 1 1/2 hours of that, rushing and working as fast as humanly possible and as fast as the belt can go I have to take rollers out of the truck, secure the cargo nets, and scan the remaining smalls while the other 2 sit around and trash talk me... They literally trash talk everything about me from my mom, my clothes, my eyebrows, to me being skinny, etc... And I deal with it and try not to let it get to me.

    Then I get a 10 minute break before washing 10 or so trucks and picking up the trash in them and emptying out all the lazy drivers garbage. All in 4 hours, for $30 a day... I calculated this out to be WELL under paying. Is this how you all became a driver? Is this for real? What in the hell...
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    Being a driver isn't the Garden of Eden either.
  3. DS

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    Glad you found the browncafe IH8,it does sound as if you are being taken advantage of there.
    You may find some sympathy,here,and hopefully some advice.If anyone trash talks your mom here,
    we will not tolerate it:wink2:
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    No, we lost a bet somewhere in life and that is how we became drivers.

    No, it is a figment of your imagination...once well medicated you will wake up in a white padded room to nurse Ratchet.
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    I H8 Peak,

    Not all paths to becoming a driver are the same.

    I have found the culture at UPS takes advantage of the individuals who work at unreasonably fast rates.

    I don't want to undermine your work ethic, I admire hard workers however working at UPS should be viewed as a marathon and not a sprint.

    You are only required to give a reasonable effort, one that is a fair day's work for fair day's pay. You are not required to work as fast humanly possible. This would be unreasonable for you to expect yourself to hold up at that rate.

    You obviously agreed to your pay when you took the job.

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    UPS always pushes to work fast. Workers are instructed to work fast. The belts are flooded customers packages are crushed, smashed by other packages. If someone was to video how UPS really treats the packages people would'nt ship through UPS anymore.
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    Welcome to BC and UPS.
    Both grow on you after awhile.

    And BTW most people at UPS and other Corporations hate their job ... just deal with it.
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    It's going to be a lot longer than 4 years before you start making decent money.
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    Yes, it`s for real. You have it easy! Why, when I was younger, I used to walk to school, 5 miles, in a blizzard, uphill, both ways!
  10. Monkey Butt

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    Quit being a dorkhead.
  11. DorkHead

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    I tried, but I can`t
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    if you havent had a road test on a pkg car you dont move them any more.
  14. barnyard

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    It is only going to get worse. If you hate your job this much now, it is just going to fester and start to poison your time away from the job. Stay with the job, hate it, get married, get divorced, be horribly unhappy. Or quit and find something that makes you feel good about yourself. This job is not for everyone. I guarantee that you and the people around you will be happier if you find other work.
  15. Cementups

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    FYI, you always have the option to quit. The only person keeping you here is you.
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    I hate to keep posting this but here goes. Just another example of logistics.
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    I been a casual driver for 6 months and i already hate it ! lol.
    Well not the driving part just all the other BS that comes with it. I worked 12 hrs in the rain at night in a new area the other day. By the time i got back to the center my body was in shut down mode. The manager comes up to me and says "When did you last iron those pants?" I wanted to shove my DIAD up his butt and use his nipples to punch out i was so mad (i just came up with that on the fly LOL). So after time you learn to just let comments like this roll off your back. Currently i don't car what anyone says. I do my job and i do it safe. That's all i am in control of.
  18. UnsurePost

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    slow down, work a normal pace. YOU set the bar, not UPS. Remember that. Free your mind.
  19. dillweed

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    Sleeve is right. Work at a normal, comfortable pace. Of course we move with a purpose and some sense of urgency but keep it within your ability. I've been through the same crap. Killing myself to prove worthy and getting slammed all the more for it. Those two who mouth off might just have to jump in and help you unload once you stop killing yourself. That's allright. Stay friendly enough, even keeled and show no anger. Small sort as it is, best to try to get along with the few co-workers you have even if it means letting their bs fly in and out of your head. Just nod and smile, but let them know when they have crossed a line. Comments about Mom? Let them know that you don't really want to hear any more of that crap. If they persist take it to upper management. Do NOT ever get involved in crap talk back and forth with them. Keep your nose clean as a whistle. Be able to laugh at yourself but also maintain respect for yourself. If you cut back a bit and they help you unload it may get stinkier for awhile. Ride it out, let them cry if they want. Just keep doing your best, watch your tongue, let what bs fly that you can and let them know when you've had enough. If you don't respect yourself no one else will either. It's hard as hell to survive at UPS. There is a fine line and it takes awhile to find your way with it. If there is anyone you trust, talk to them. Union rep, try talking to them but don't badmouth the bad eggs. If anything, mention that they are razzing you pretty hard and crossing your line. Suggestions? People love being asked for suggestions and it may help you learn how to play the game. And sorry, but play you must, to a point. Best of luck, keep us posted and don't worry about the ornery posters on here. We've all been through so much crap like you're going through that we laugh to keep from crying. Stay stronger than they are. It's an interesting way to pass the time. I have made it through many days repeating inside my head that I am stronger than them (emotionally, - stronger willed) , will not let them push my buttons, will get the damned pkgs moved eventually and will punch out with dignity.
  20. dillweed

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    I made paragraphs, I really did. The system crammed it all together. Don't pick on me, please. I cant take it, stop the madness, get that turkey in, make the stuffing, egads where are the sweet potatoes. Shells are sticking to the eggs, now they have gouges in them. Less than perfect. Oh crap who picked the nuts off the top of the pecan pie. Where's that damned cat? OHHHHHHHHHHHno!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy thanksgiving.