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    The center I am working in right now may be closing within the next 6 months because of pick up volume being way down. I was wondering about working at another center, while keeping your seniority status. Does this happen, or is everyone left to fend for themselves, and if hired at another center, is it back to square one? Do we have any rights with the union? Any answers would be greatly appreciated.
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    It's in the contract that if you move to another center because the work is relocated you will retain your current center seniority date and get mixed into the middle of that center.
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    Section 1.
    (a) The Employer agrees that prior to any change in its operation that will
    result in a change of domicile and/or possible layoff of seniority employees, it
    shall notify the affected Local Union(s) in writing and then meet jointly with
    them to inform them of the changes and to resolve questions raised in
    connection with the change. This meeting shall be completed where practical
    at least forty-five (45) days prior to the change. The change may not be
    implemented until the forty-five (45) days� notice is provided and the meeting
    is completed unless the operational change is dictated by emergency
    conditions. The Union shall not unreasonably delay the scheduling or
    completion of the requested meeting.

    In all locations where the Employer implements �satellite� facilities, the
    Employer shall meet with the affected Local Union(s) and discuss the issues
    covered by this Article.

    (b) Any agreed to change of operations reached by the Local Union(s) and the
    Employer shall be reduced to writing and filed with the Joint National
    Change of Operations Committee. It is understood that a regional area
    representative of the affected region(s) shall sit on the Joint National Change
    of Operations Committee.

    (c) A Joint Change of Operations Committee will be established in each
    Regional area and will resolve issues arising out of the proposed change of
    operations. The Committee will resolve issues involving seniority application,
    health and welfare, and pension coverage and layoff questions for employees
    who are involved in the change. All affected parties will make reasonable
    efforts to convene and attend the Regional Joint Change of Operations
    Committee meeting prior to the scheduled implementation date to resolve
    these issues.

    If the Regional Joint Change of Operations Committee is unable to resolve
    the issues, such issues shall be referred to the Joint National Change of
    Operations Committee for resolution. If no resolution is reached, outstanding
    issues shall be referred to the National Grievance Committee for resolution.

    The Committee which decides the issues, as described above, shall retain
    jurisdiction for a period of twelve (12) months following the change of
    operations decision. The decision of the Committee shall be final and

    Unless specifically covered in individual Supplements, Riders or Addenda,
    the following shall apply:

    (1.) Whenever a center is closed and the work is transferred to or absorbed by
    another center, the affected employees will be entitled to follow their work
    and their seniority shall be dovetailed at the new center.

    (2.) Whenever a center or hub is partially closed and the work of package
    drivers and all other regular employees, part-time and full-time, excluding
    feeder drivers, is transferred to or absorbed by another center, the affected
    employees may either follow their work and have their seniority dovetailed in
    the new center or be allowed to exercise their seniority in their present center
    and displace the least senior employee in their respective classifications. If
    any of the employees whose work is transferred elects not to follow his/her
    work, then he or she shall have the same rights as the remaining employees
    on the seniority list from which the work was transferred to bid the work
    being transferred. Those employees who follow the work shall have their
    seniority dovetailed in the new center.

    (3.) In a Change of Operations affecting feeder drivers, the following language
    will apply: Whenever a center is partially closed and the feeder work is
    transferred to or absorbed by another center, all feeder drivers, in seniority
    order, will have the option of following the available work and have their
    seniority dovetailed in the new center or be allowed to exercise their seniority
    in their present center, and take whatever jobs become open as a result of
    other employees following the work or taking a layoff. If a senior feeder
    driver elects to take a job which has been transferred out, the displaced
    employee(s) will fill the vacated job(s) by seniority until the next bid.

    Section 2.
    As a result of the Employer moving an operation more than seventy-five (75)
    miles, all full-time employees in accordance with classification seniority who
    choose to move, will have their moving expenses paid.

    The expense shall include the reasonable cost of packing and the moving of
    household goods or house-trailer including dismounting and mounting. The
    employee(s) who transfer will have one (1) year from the date of the change
    to move.

    (a) Employee(s) who are transferred out of their original area where they are
    covered by a Teamster Pension Trust Fund into the jurisdiction of another
    pension trust fund, such employee(s) shall remain in their original pension
    trust fund.

    The Employer agrees to pay the required pension contributions to the
    employee(s) original pension trust fund as set forth in the trust agreement,
    provided there is no conflict with any collective bargaining agreement and/or
    trust agreement.
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    this is honestly some great news. ill go ahead and let out a sigh of relief. haha
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    Depending upon your seniority level you may still have some hassles and upheaval to deal with, but whatever happens you do have rights and the company cant just kick you to the curb.
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    This actually happened to me about 13 years ago, my building had 4 centers and the company decided to consolidate by dissolving my center and splitting the routes up between the 3 remaining centers. I stayed on my route and followed it to the new center, and my seniority was dovetailed in. It wound up being a good deal for me in terms of vacation selection because my overall standing in that center was higher than before and the increased number of drivers required the company to let more people off per week. I was able to start getting some weeks in the summer.
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    well as far as my seniority goes, I do assume I may have to deal with some on call/layoffs for a time perhaps. At my center I am about the middle of the list, and even then, I have been fairly close to being on call. I am pt, will have 2 years seniority when/if this takes place, and am hoping that will be enough to stay working at the new building.