Questions about Qualifying

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    What are some reasons you heard of people being disqualified?
    November and December are the only months that dont count?
    When days you dont drive are you required to work local sort / preload (was hired from the local sort as a cover driver)
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    We had one guy scrape the side of his car against the garage door, then next week back into another driver's fence. They let him go on the first one, not the second. They still let him do Sat air though and he's back to driving ground after the one year. Now that I think about it, out of the last 5 drivers, 3 wrecked their first week and all kept working. At my center, 3 of us got qualified during peak, and you have to mess up pretty bad to get disqualified. Some places are probably a lot more strict though.

    As for being forced to work local sort, if there are enough people to cover that shift that have lower seniority, you don't. If you want to work it, you can bump the lower guys.