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    I have a package coming and it's by Ups surepost which delivers to the post office. I'm tracking the package carefully because I'm anxious to get it and it was expensive. On the tracking it says UPS will attempt delivery, will not deliver to post office. I've never seen this happen with my ups surepost packages. In addition its 4:15 pm and it hasn't arrived , I get ups packages all the time an have never had them come later than 1Pm so I don't know if I should be worried that it won't come. When exactly does ups consider end of day?
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    When exactly does ups consider end of day?

    "End of day" is whenever your driver decides to retire for the day.
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    Also worth noting.

    Surepost is the cheapest way possible to receive your package, if I were purchasing an "expensive" item I surely wouldn't want the USPS having the final say on delivery.

    So, Just relax. If UPS is on the case your package will be there before "end of day" today. Probably.
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    Nate, the reason (probably) UPS is attempting the delivery for your package and not delivering it to the Post Office is you have 2 packages coming. When UPS is already delivering to your location, the scanners kick out the Sure Post packages from going into the USPS bags and instead gets put into the load for your driver to deliver. It should get there today. End of day basically means there's no commit time for your package so it'll get delivered when he/she is in the area.
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    End of day means by 11:59 pm
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    I was unaware at the time of purchase that it was being shipped using this method, it didn't state the method only that it was UPS. I actually sometimes prefer the USPS only because My boxes always come in perfect shape, anytime I get a box from UPS it looks like they back the truck over it a few times. Other than that fact that my box is almost always crushed UPS is definitely better than USPS.
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    If the package was redirected to be delivered by UPS then that means you are getting it a day earlier.
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    Usually when companies are "kind enough" to offer you free shipping, this is why. It's probly going to be shipped sure-post.
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