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    I just became an employee of UPS. today was my second day. I am working for the air hub at an airport. I am making 8.50/hour. My schedule is 6am-11am. Tuesday - Saturday.

    In the two training days we haven't discussed payroll or anything. About how much taxes would I get taken off my paycheck each week. Lets assume I work the full 5 hour shifts and I don't get out early.. that's about 220/week. Out of the 220 how much do I keep.

    I am asking this because I know UPS is with a Union and I never worked with a Union before, I do not know if there are extra charges that apply or what happens.


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    Your take-home should be around $180, I'd guess. Being in a union, you will have more money than normal deducted from your check for dues, of course.
  3. freeloader

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    Depends on how you fill out your W-4 (number of dependents, etc). I am not sure but I think union dues are 2x your hourly rate taken out once a month. Not 100% sure on that though.
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    The bottom line is you are going to crap when you see your 1st ck. I hope your not trying to support a family --- :dissapointed: Don't give up though--it will get better
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    after taxes and union dues youre going to make about 6.20 an hr which will be about 155 a week
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    Never let a Democrat near your tax dollars, because they will always demand more from you.
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    Paid slave, youre dumb, keep the political discussion to the current events forum if you cant contribute to the topic at hand on this one.
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    As soon as the Fair Tax passes you will get you whole check, No pay roll deductions at all. A great idea But untill then you will take home between $160 to $180 unless obama wins and all of your taxes go up. Gas tax, income tax, corporate tax, payroll tax, free health care tax....
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    There are some stories going around that the socialistic concepts of Bill Clinton are what precipitated this crisis. Just a thought.:happy-very:
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    That's direct from the republican headquarters. They are superb at pointing fingers, name calling, turning the tables, passing the buck, taking credit where they don't deserve, and oh yeah, NOT TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR OWN FREAKIN' ACTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I`ll be up there soon Upstate, maybe I can help you.
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    Who are you to whine about personal responsibility when you can't even show the creator of this site the respect of joining her hard work. Your use of these facilities without committment is basically web page socialism. Enjoy your brown cafe welfare.:happy-very:
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    yea taxes go hand in hand with politics but this was not a political discussion, it was a simple PAY question about what his deductions would be, this post isnt contributing to the discussion, it doesnt answer the question you have a half dozen threads in the current events forum where you can babble liberal puke all you want, i think you should apoligize to the OP because youre wasting his time and mine. but then again maybe you should dig :censored2: and light yourself on fire, because at that one moment of clarity before you slip away maybe, just maybe youll have a clue
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    Don't forget the Union Initiation Fees... those are the ones that really hurt... ouch
    double ouch. count on about 125 a week for a WHILE... ;) But its worth it the first time
    you walk into your doctors office for a visit.. and don't cringe at the "cashier counter"
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    Yah but now us pter's will have to wait a yr. for that good feeling at the doctors office.
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    Love it!!!

    Who is this Cheryl everyone keeps mentioning and where do I send my donation???

    No biggie evilleace, let them keep their heads buried in your work and in no time, POOF, benefits.
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    Cheryl is the owner and operator of the beloved "Brown Cafe" that we all frequent.