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    Ok here is my deal.

    Back in 1998, I was a seasonal feeder driver. I had relocated to the area, for a job that did work out. (I was expected to set by the phone, too much work in my area to be sitting around).

    During the whole process EVERYONE was friendly and helpful. After being hired as a seasonal. I was taken on a route, and was asked by the supervisors if I could do it. It was basically drop and hook. The customers, sometimes would be loaded. I would jump in and help them. **** that work was a piece of cake for me. Grapping stuff off a roller and stacking in truck,
    please. As matter of fact me and some of the customers on my last day were almost crying.

    I asked them if there was a possibility of me getting on full-time. The said no. I told them I understood, but asked them if I could use them as a reference if I performed my duties, they said sure. And believe me I got a stellar recommendation.

    I always hoped but never expected there would be a chance to get on full-time.

    Back in September I glanced through the want ad, saw that ups was hiring tractor trailer drivers. I went on-line, filled out my application. I went in for interview. After the interview, I went back online and the had some stuff that said please complete before your next interview.

    I talked a person in HR a couple of weeks that said I was "in the pool". I asked, "what is the pool". She said to be hired.

    I anxiously wait, check my answering machine 2 or 3 times a day.


    Should I keep hoping, or forget about it and go on with my life? Where I am at it seems like EVERYONE is hiring CCX, PENSKE, YELLOW, ROADWAY, OLD DOMINION you name it. I just got my clearance from TSA so I got my hazmat endorsement.
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    I would get on with your life.

    UPS hiring for feeders is likely seasonal again as it is considered a premium job at UPS and therefore is filled froim high seniority delivery drivers for permanent positions.
  3. dannyboy

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    work somewhere else until you are called by UPS. IT happens all the time.

    Our part time force almost all have other full time jobs. Some keep the part time job only for the benefits for their family.

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    So I can grown my "goatee" again?>
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    Grow it dude! Only takes a minute to shave it off.
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    I realize this thread is 7 years old, but I've been looking for an answer to my question which is: Is it possible ot continue working another full time job while employed as a seasonal feeder driver? What reasons are there that would make this not possible?
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    Your current FT job would have to be extremely flexible and know that UPS would come first---if they are willing to live with that arrangement and you don't violate the DOT hours provisions you should be just fine.

    Seasonal jobs (landscaping/lawn care/construction) are ideal for this type of arrangement.