Questions on the interview (I read the sticky).

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    I went to my appointment Aug 1st, and they showed me what to expect, etc. The same day, The lady called us one by one to interview us. After my interview, she gave me a piece of paper of what type of IDs I should bring. (ID from DMV, and SS).

    On the sticky, it says that they will call you back a second time AND then have you back a third time to show ID and SS. I've only had 1 interview on Aug 1st and the lady wants me back Aug 14 with ID and SS, Birth Certificate..etc. Now for questions...

    I show them my ID and SS, so I start "classes"? Like take tests, watch videos on the same day?

    How long does the "classes" usually take? I think it lasts for a week, but how long hour-wise.

    Anything else I need to know?
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    Normally youd start class another time, when they can have 4 or 5 new hires together, in our classes we do basics from some UPS history and a lot of methods and compliance and some videeos.

    The classes we run are 40 hrs, normally 2 weeks 4 hr day, youll problably do 1/4 working in some sort of operation learning and being observed
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    At our center, the first day you are in the "class" for about 3 hours watching the HABITS and hazmat videos and what not. Then for another hour they pair you up with another current worker so you can actually get a feel for the job. They had me loading 1 car on my own as a preloader

    The next day you are in class for about 1 hour. Then you again work with another worker (this day I loaded 2 cars). That's about it for the "class" at my center. It takes about 4 hours total. Now the supervisors use the cornerstone (?) booklet with the new hires for a few days rather than the full 30 days.

    So to answer your questions, I would say that you are hired and will start classes the same day IF the woman you spoke to told you what you should wear that day, to bring water, and that they were offering you a job. I would say show up ready to work just in case. Or call to find out if it is another interview or you are starting the job.

    Be ready to stay 4-5 hours each day, some centers have shorter sorts though. I don't think you said which sort you had applied for, so all of the things I have said are in regards to Preload, but I think they would apply to other sorts as well.

    Best of luck.
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    Congrats on your job Daz.