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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by IzzyTheNose, May 12, 2014.

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    So I've decided I'm going to take the necessary steps towards being a shop steward. My decision didn't come without careful consideration, and while I'm certain I'll have a tough road ahead of me (there's a lot of problems with my local), I believe myself to be both cutout and determined to fulfill my duties as a steward.

    My question, actually, I have a few, are these:

    I was told recently that the top pay for new drivers was actually reduced to $25. Now I told the person who gave me this information (he apparently heard it from another driver) to take it with a grain of salt. I hadn't heard anything regarding the reduced pay for new drivers reaching top pay, and that it could be simply spreading misinformation in an effort to rally the members of my local in ousting the current slate.

    Secondly, and this is an even bigger problem, depending on who you are and how you look at it; certain stewards are enforcing part-timers bumping full-timers from the area when the area is overstaffed. Not only that, but combos who are supposed to be picking off, are told the part-timers have more seniority, and have routinely bumped them.

    The interesting thing is, it's only affecting certain areas where stewards who are "in good" with the current slate.

    I've been told that both issues are actually apart of the contract (I'm assuming this would be in our local rider, and not master agreement?).

    Is there any way I can investigate this online, or would I have to go to my local to acquire the information I'm looking for?

    Lastly, is there anything I can do about any of this?
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    Is this an april fools question?.....You do know, this is May??
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    I am not a steward, but that being said, you need to read the contract if you are seriously considering it. You said "I was told recently that the top pay for new drivers was actually reduced to $25.". That answer is something you could find in five minutes in the contract. (no, the topout for new drivers is not $25.)
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  4. IzzyTheNose

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    I guess my post was a little confusing...I'm not a steward yet. I plan on going to a meeting this Sunday, and getting as much information as possible. I do plan to study the contract backwards and forwards.

    I was pretty sure top pay being reduced to $25 wasn't the case. I was actually more interested in whether area seniority took precedent in cases where say you had a part-timer with 7 years in an area, and there was a newly assigned full-timer, and if this was a change that was added to this contract.
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    If it's a 22.3 then they have more seniority than pters and can bump them if they are now assigned to the area through the 22.3 bid. Drivers sent back to the sort because of medical or other issues on a temp basis, that's more of a local practice thing.
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    Izzy I commend you for wanting to get invoved. If you can take some constructive criticism, your post was all over the place. Study the contract, don't rely on hearsay. Some other books that might help. " The legal rights of Union stewards, The Weingarten rights." "The union steward's complete guide, a survival manual" . Always be as prepared as your center manager or labor manager

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    Two days ago I ran out of info notices and had to get more from the cabinet.
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