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    A driver informed me that he is retiring at the end of peak. I asked him why he wasn't retiring before peak and he informed me that he wanted to get in the extra money before he does. He said the retiring only gives him 3600 a month plus whatever he has to pay for medical. So I guess my question is what do drivers who are making 70,000-100000 a year do to make up that loss of money?
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    Plan properly before retiring.

    Setting aside as little as 10% every week for 30 years will give you a very comfortable 401k balance. Add in your pension and SS when you become eligible and you will enjoy a very comfortable retirement.
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  3. onehandsolo

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    Pay of has much debt as possible before retiring. Also when you figure going to a lower tax bracket plus no social security and Medicare withdraw it lessons the gap a little. Also some retires save on gas and work related expenses.
  4. Areyoukiddinme

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    he might want to wait until spring then get his vacation before retiring but i guess there's many factors to consider
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    Would you max out your percentage if you knew you were retiring in a few years. I think I would be tempted to go up to the 35 percent.
  7. UpstateNYUPSer

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    If I were debt free? Absolutely but I am more concerned with paying off my mortgage.
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    I know I'm retiring in a few years. Luckily I/we were able to save early and often so there is no need to jack up the savings now.
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    I'm going to be selling a little part of myself, on the corner. A very small, part of myself. At a discount, of course.
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    I would recommend you max out NOW. Work your budget around what you have left. But Max out from the beginning, to end. Catch up clauses and after tax stuff and everything. I promise you. You'll be glad you did.