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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by dillweed, Jun 16, 2011.

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    OK, awhile back I filed on a sup working for several hours. The meeting deal for this was put on hold by the company.

    Week or so later it happened again. Filled out grievance form and gave it to union rep. Next day he told me it would go nowhere because management had called at least fifteen people trying to get them to come in. Good faith effort, he called it.

    This doesn't sound right. It's managements responsibility to staff the place properly. If they allow rampant absenteeism and don't have enough people it's their own darned fault. Opinions?
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    You are right, they should properly staff and crack down on rampant absenteeism, but the operation cannot be put on hold due to staffing shortages. Calling 15 people would be a good faith effort in my book. You may be out of luck on this one.

    When you go in for your next shift suggest to your sup that they post a sign up sheet for anyone who wants to be called in when staffing falls short.
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    The company does that one here, but its even better. Our union hall is in Potsdam, over an hour away. Preload sup would call every morning she worked. Claimed she was covered. Explain me this. If you call an office building at 3 am KNOWING no one will be there, how is that good faith? There is no one there to potentially call someone in, if they could even get someone from Potsdam or, even better, the other hub covered by our local- which is 4.5 hours away. By the time you get a hold of someone, and they get ready to work, the shift is over. Not that anyone is in the office building, ANYWAY!!!
    Upstate, what is your opinion on this? I'm not calling you out, its just that we share the same BA, and he agrees with the company. Obviously, I believe he is worthless.
  4. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    They need to post a sign up sheet for employees who are willing to be called in when staffing shortages occur. IMO failure to put up such a list negates any "good faith effort" and leaves them open for grievances on sups working.
  5. menotyou

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    The problem here is, if you put up the list no one on metro will sign. It is full of the employees who fled preload because of the abusive nature of Psycho Susie and the untrue, absolutely untrue, write-ups that the dispatcher continuously tries to get away with. One example- dispatcher wrote up Mr. A for throwing packages. Steward(one that was a bit odorous) was pulling for Mr. A at the time and it was impossible for Mr. A to have been throwing anything as the Steward had the belt off for a flood of 520(Kinney Drugs's address, hence their nickname). Dispatcher was mad they wouldn't turn the belt back on, so he lied. Union was told by steward what occurred. Union has done NOTHING to protect the preloaders from just him, alone. Don't get me started on Psycho. So, the company gets away with working because Brian won't do anything about it.
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    Thanks - there is a sign-up sheet but nobody on nights signs it. Probably because, as menotyou mentioned, the preload is a nightmare.

    I never pursued this one because I did have the feeling they called lots of people. New center manager now so maybe the bldng will get cleaned up a bit.
  7. menotyou

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    The people that fled preload to metro all had been there at least 10 years. Drivers would beg for these people to load for them. They willingly took the $1.00 an hour pay cut to get away from the preload sup and dispatcher. UPS/NY is not interested in the value of any employee, as I see it.

    I never thought I would be glad to be on comp. I am starting to be.


    WAH! WAH! WAH! Maybe if you hourlies would work a little more expediently your sup. would not have to help, you dont want him or her to work but you want to be lazy and when he tells you to pick it up you cry like a litle girl and say you cant talk to me that way, you cant win at ups these days because the new generation are a bunch of lazy give me something for nothing generation. Dont file grievances he is helping you get done so the trucks and trailers can pull on time, his fault for absenteeism, even if he wanted to fire workers for lates or misses, the union and center manager would come up with some bogus excuse to let this one slide or they just will totally blow it off, i am sure he would love to fire some of todays lazy ones but the union and Full time Management make it difficult.
  9. menotyou

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    I guess the Whambulance has arrived. Get back to your desk. I believe
    someone is waiting underneath. Lord knows, it isn't me.
  10. menotyou

    menotyou bella amicizia

    Nice 'like'.:wink2:
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    You’re almost always wrong when you generalize like you just did.

    There are employees that work at a fast pace and some that do not, but at my hub everyone gets picked on to speed things up.

    I’ve never seen anyone “cry like a little girl” when told to pick up the pace. But, I have seen part-time stupidvisors and other management talk to employees in a rude and condescending manner in an effort to get things done. As far as I know, we do not work in a prison and shouldn’t be treated like convicts.

    If management fires a union member without merit and the person gets their job back that means both the union and the company must agree that a mistake was made or that person would not get their job back. You get caught stealing something at the center and see if you get your job back.

    Also, if the center manager or FT manager makes it difficult to fire someone they believe is lazy and not doing what they get paid to do, that is clearly a management problem. The only way to fix that is to get better management.
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    Frankly, I'd have to load 600pph inorder to keep up with the flow for the two trucks I load on reload that get hit at the same time. No matter how many grievances are filed on my sup he still helps me which I like. We are understaffed and UPS doesn't want to hire at all. They push one person to do the job of two. Then management crys about wrap up time and misloads. Overworked underpaid. You can say all you want that people are lazy. If we were lazy we would not work there and get a job at walmart. Even a good worker gets ran down. Lets be honest the pay for pt sucks! If you work a day job your energy is drained by the time you clock in at UPS.
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    How many people work on the shifts that are leaving when this shift is coming in? Are there any shifts that bump up to it?

    15 is not a good faith effort. The contract says they must exhaust all resources, including forced overtime. Supervisors working is taking money out of our pockets and worse than that gives the company a ghost worker in the system to 'prove' they don't have the work to create full-time jobs.

    I say file, file, file.


    I got a little carried away, no supervisor likes to do hourly wOrk but when push comes to shove the work must get done or the whole sort will suffer! But hr does send a few weak links which angers the a** busters. Grievances will get you nowhere but marked!
  15. washington57

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    marked for what?
  16. menotyou

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    I must be really dirty with all the marks I have.
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    Keeping filing your grievence, It will bare fruit, That will
    be a paper trail that the company is not doing the right thing.
  18. Solidarity413

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    The only 'mark' you will have is the kind that says stay away from X person they file grievances and win!
  19. menotyou

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    I finally succeeded at that. Went full time and they left me alone. I think they lowered the stop count, even. Heard some grumbling about that. Oh, well. I didn't ask them to. All I know is if I went over 9.5, on-car would glance my way as he moved along to the next victim. He never confronted me about being over. (It was a rarity) And I don't run, ever.
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    Just one of the lucky ones LOL