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    So I had an interview Monday morning at 5:30 am. I was expecting a tour of the facility and it seem like from looking around online that's normal, but my issue was I didn't get a tour! There was only 3 of us there to interview/tour but when we arrived the HR lady or manager (she didn't really specify which one she was) just started the interviews right away. I was interviewed first and at the end of my interview was told that when a decision had been made I would be called and told what I needed to do to be hired.

    My question is does this sound like a standard interview she just for some reason didn't take us on the tour or does it sound kind of odd?

    The job is package handler if that matters. Oh, I also wanted to add that I have 3 people who work there that said I could use them as references and I know for a fact that at around 10:00 am they called one of them (he's a driver) and asked about me. So I'm just confused as to why we didn't get a tour! Thanks for any replies in advanced!
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    This is the endless garbage of bureaucracy. And yes, it sounds like the right thing they will do to new hires. Call you, tell you to be here at this time, yet they are late, always. Brush aside those who arnt wanting a shift time they arnt hiring for, most want the day shift, aka driving, aka see-yea. You go home.

    Next, days or weeks later, will called for a tour. Then you go home. Days or weeks later, they call you and ask you to sign in on the UPS website to fill out more red-tape. Days or weeks later, they call you and tell you to be at the front gate at this time to put you through a teaching period, which mostly involves watching videos, signing papers and getting a packet of safety garbage that you'll need to know 100% by the end of the week. A written test will be given to you at the end of the week.

    Bureaucracy RULES!
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    Wait what? Do you think I'm complaining because they said they would call me back and I wouldn't waltz through the door and be hired? Because thats not the case at all. I was just simply curious as to why there wasn't a tour and if it ultimately meant that I wasn't qualified for some reason or another...

    I don't have an issue with having to wait my turn and fill out paper work learning safety ect to get a job. I worked at Disney World twice it takes about 2 months to ever actually get going there.
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    You in Orlando, or Cali?

    Nah, I was just trying to sound gruel like they system. Yea, Disney is bad as well, a lot worse then UPS in my opinion. The work here is a lot harder though.

    It would be better to be told when a tour date be set, other then sent home with no other information other then " we'll call yea " type of goodbye. As for the red tape, aka bureaucracy, is after you get the interview that HR person now needs to go and fill out forms and give request to see if your a bad boy / girl or not. It takes forever, plus they give a long time waiting to people because they know a lot of them wont make it or the cut. The long wait makes people feel like they didnt get the job or should start searching elsewhere for a job. I know, I was there and convinced I didnt get hired and started looking to other places of work.

    My first time here, my group went from 10-12 people, after weeks, went down to 8 and then class was a select few of 4. And as of now the other 3 arnt working here anymore.
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    I used to live in Orlando had to move back up to SC because of some family issues with my parents. Disney is one of the worst companies I've worked for talk about a job where you're just a person. You go to work knowing the best you'll ever do is FT in your job instead of PT.

    Ah I see what you're saying about red tape now it would've been nice to get at least a window of time to know when I should hear back. I plan on working 2 jobs anyways since I'll be working the 4am-7 or 8 am shift anyways. (If I'm hired of course) I would just really like to work for UPS.

    I didn't know the turn over was high like that though! I thought people would leech on at UPS and try to stay forever!
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    That's kind of funny because I scheduled my tour for two days after filling out my application. After the tour/initial "interview," I scheduled my second interview for the next week (I think maybe 8 or 9 days afterward.) After that second "interview" and all the paper-/computerwork that came with it, I was set to start August 27th. The whole process for me took two, possibly three weeks (my memory may be slightly skewed).

    The initial tour was at the hub that feeds my center, so there were about 15-20 of us altogether but only 3 aside from myself applied for work at the center. Out of those four, 3 were hired and all three of us are still with UPS and have a bid on driving positions.

    I guess my experience is slightly unusual from what I read on here, though.... :dissapointed:
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    You want a freakin' tour??? If you don't like what you see, will you demand a refund?
    I was humble when I was asking for a job. I didn't find some online chat room to whine, or in this case "simply curious" becuase I didn't get a tour.

    They obviously don't know who you think you are....UPS is not worthy of a guy like you.
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    Did you wear the teamster t shirt?
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    What do you think of Dwight Howard??
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    Sorry to hear that.

    I have people in my family and friends that worked for disney. Oh the stories, oh the stories of horror.

    UPS has a huge turn over rate as a whole. My building had a 70% turn over of year of employment, that was mostly on preload.

    As for me, I've seen hundreds of people, in my area, come and go. Thats not saying the other shifts, centers and places of work here see the same or as little. The job sucks, unless you make something out of it. I find it quite enjoyable in the trenches of hell.
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    All places of work here are different. I was in a room with 12 people waiting for the interview, and then 40-50 people walked in and sat down. I was like WOW, then the HR lady walked in and said, " this is for the twlight shift, not the day shift ", all 40-50 stood up and walked out. Then I was like WOW, they just cut that many people in a few seconds.

    Its a different bag building to building. And a lot of them dont understand how to get their foot in the door within a time frame. They want that high paying job now and now. I recall one dude that quit in the same day being trained to preload. He grabed one box and said " I want to drive, not load trucks ". The full time soup said, " I have many people here with working years and cant drive, you've been here a day, what does that say? " That was the last day he came to work.
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    You're right I'm actually well over qualified to be loading or even driving trucks but its what I want to do and always have since I was 18! :)

    Edit: Oh and to answer your question I really don't care if they give me a tour or not but it does seem to be normal when it comes to working at UPS. You tour you interview you get a call back for second interview they hire or don't hire you. So to answer your question no I really don't want a tour and no I don't want a refund though I would like to not have to interview too many more times at 5:30 AM. Thanks for your concern!
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    Not unless its a blue polo shirt!

    Never been a Dwight fan. I was born in SC so I've never really been into basketball. I did go see a few Magic games he's a good player with a sour head.

    Yeah Disney is a whole other ball game than you could ever imagine! But I really think I would find the job enjoyable. Loading packages not so much but I know the game you start out doing :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: work then you get to drive in a few years if you're lucky. Luckily for myself I have a Bachelors in Accounting to fall back on. I did it for a while at Disney money was pretty good but just wasn't happy sitting at a desk 9-5. I've always worked hard decided I'd do some manual labor until I get sick of it then go work at a desk.
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    Dont worry the tour in meaningless.... Surviving the probation period,, attendance, physical work, and :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:s in management will be your priority...
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    For what its worth, dcgc, I thought you sounded more like a nervous applicant than a whiny 18 year old who thinks any place would be lucky to employ him.

    And damn, ORLY, I would've been like WTF if I saw 40-50 people get cut almost instantly. The only people turned away from my tour were the handful of people that strolled in about 15-20min late and I just smirked and thought to myself "Ha! ....Less competition."

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    Let me enlighten you. It is for security reasons and after 911 with 3 employees no shows after the tragedy.
    If you are hired they will take you to the area and then you have some class training called crossroads or something along these lines. We are a secured facility and not anyone is on property.
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    Dwight Howard? YOU MEAN THAT GUY!!!!11 And what of it really. I really like the guy, hes funny and a great sportsmen. A obvious prefect specimen.

    I dont get these local sport fans, I really dont. You go crazy when Lebron leaves your city, what gives man? Sports are just that, nothing more, and stop being so childish. When I was a youngster, I was saddened when Shaq left Orlando, yet even as a kid I knew why he left, the money. These guys cant afford to waste a year being the " good guy " and signing on to the same team while other teams will throw bigger dollars at them. Also, I'm a believer that Leborn went to Miami not only for the money, but for the legacy as well.

    I used to watch basketball, I've stopped because of the Orlando magic altogether. I dont think there has been a team, from its start, get up 20, 30 plus points in any part of the game and lose it within 5-10 mintues in the history of basketball more then the magic. I gave up on the sport, I started to think the games were rigged as well. No team, no coach for that matter in any skill level should ever stop pressing after any lead. The magic in my opinion is the worst team in basketball history in present day. Plus the name, what kind've business in this town would push the name " magic " on a NBA team, the mouse of house did of course. Another reason I dont care for disney, they are good for our city, but too much of anything being push back on us citizens is rather annoying. Heck, I load two of the disney cars myself, thats enough to curse the rats name.

    I also called the four game sweep when they went to the finals against the Rockets. People here went crazy on me, saying " no way its gonna be close and they just might win it all! " *face palm*. The magic went to the playoffs pretty much on dishing to shaq time and time again, one guy really made their over all difference. I watched the rockets often, and I knew the magic were out classed in all other aspects of teamwork, just one well oiled machine.

    You know what team I really hate, the Spurs. Looks like their at it again too. I mean, in a decade they were either champs or in the finals, and it was only twice they lost the finals. I mean man come on, these guys took apart some great teams without even breaking a sweat. The two years they lost did my heart good though. Lakers and Pistons, two of greatest years in past basketball history. They showed that even giants could be toppled.
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    I want Lebron back bad. I hated him and I'm over it now. Forgiveness is out the window. Who cares. It hurt when he left but life goes on.