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    The national contract lists the lowest part time pension payout as $1250 for retirement after 25 years. Does this mean that "retiring" from the company with less then 25 years of accrued time means you get nothing? I assume so but the contract didn't specifically state it.
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    I believe you have to wait until you are 65 to collect any pension.
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    No it doesn't mean that or no you don't get anything?
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    No, it doesn't mean that.

    If you have less than 25 years "credited service", you have to wait until your "normal retirement age" (instead of "at any age"). Important edit: must be vested! (I believe it's 5 years of credited service, over the age of 21).

    Also, the 25/30/35 year amounts you see are based on "$50 per year of credited service". That amount has been raised twice. It might be $55 or $60 for you.
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