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quick question for loaders or any employees for that matter

ok so I've been at ups for 6 months now work about 5 hrs a day 3:45 to around 9 and the only reason for the job really was for school and the health insurance . When i started i was assigned a "pull" i loaded these trucks from day 1 and had it down pact ..no misloads ever ..drivers loved me ..all that ..now since someone else is slacking on another boxline he takes my spot and we swap sopts because my original one is supposedly easier ..? yea reward the harder, better worker with harder work ..!! so now im at this other pull its mostly bulk and i've been doing great here too and the drivers at my new pull love it because said other guy was slacking hard ... so theres another pull on the boxline that gets hit really really hard ... its horrible and the guy there now is struggling so they see me doing good so far and im thinking that they are going to try to move me there...? :censored2::censored2::censored2: i cant i already got school going on ( they know this ) and told them i cant work extensive hours and they were cool with it , but it seems that they see me doing good and that i may be moved yet again ..? is there anything i can do ? I 'm known to be a very good loader with minimal misloads and everything sequenced properly ..


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its too bad UPS is like this... But your right they see what you can do and handle, so they will give you all that and more. Do what you can, you know your limit not UPS. If you can't hang with a crap pull; who cares they can move YOU! You can't get fired for doing your best.


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You need to determine your priorities, which sound like school first and then UPS, which at this point in your life is where they should be, and then relate those priorities to your supervisor. You are not the first college student to ever work at UPS so they are well aware of your commitment to school and realize that you are here for a paycheck and the benefits but you must let them know. As far as the harder you work, the more work they give you, welcome to UPS. I have been a driver for 19 years and my co-workers will tell you that I have yet to figure that out. Whatever--it makes the day go by that much quicker.