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    I got trained for shifting about month ago.they starting using me as helper to a guy that is out shifting. Now it got to point where i can't be coming home late due to my am job.I keep saying to my ft that i can not be there every night maybe twice a week,and that i would like to work in hub( my normal job).any suggestion on what to do ??
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    Not to be mean,....quit!
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    Don't worry about sleep, over rated, do what you got to do soldier and get it done. Put your big boy pants on and suck it up and DO WORK SON.
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    If you cant commit,quit!

    Dont whine and cry about it! poop or get off the pot.
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    Just tell your sup and they will accommodate you.
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  6. greengrenades

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    If talking to your sup won't work, talk to your union steward and see if there is something they can do.
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