quit...where is my vacation pay?

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    After about 4 years of miserably working as a part time sorter I finally decided to call it quits. The benefits were my only real motivation for staying, at our hub they cut the hours so much there wasn't much point in showing up with a one hour round trip drive.

    This year I was entitled to 3 weeks vacation, 1 of which I took back in April. I have the last two weeks in Sept and Oct and on the bottom of my checks it says that I have 20 vaca hrs and 25 optional hrs or whatever.

    I was told by a union rep that if I quit I should be paid for these. Well a little over two weeks has gone by and no money so far. Am I going to get this money or not and if I should have received it by now who should I contact? I've already turned in my badge. Thanks.
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    Article 23, Separation of Employment, states that, upon quitting, the Employer shall pay all money due to the employee on the payday in the week following such quitting.

    Article 17, Paid for Time, discusses vacations but does not address whether or not you are entitled to pay for the vacation time that you have earned but have not used prior to quitting.

    I think your next move is to either call or go back to your center and speak to your supervisor. He can do a payroll inquiry for you. From what I read you understand that you will lose your option days but feel that you are entitled to your vacation. I agree that this should be the case. Call the center to day to see if you can get this resolved.
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    Look in your local supplement.

    Ours says : after 2 years of employment...if seperated from employment...he shall recieve one (1) vacation day for every month he worked 10 days since anniversary of employment.
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    Your checks are probably waiting for you back at the building. Why don't you give them a call and see what they say. Anyone with half a brain would have done that first. But then again....

    Good luck on your future endeavours there is some one out there thanking you for quiting becasue they now have a job.
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    As soon as HR terminates an employee in the system, Payroll receives a report and usually issues the final payoff within 24 hours. The normal practice is to send it to the employee's home unless the center put in a specific request for alternate routing.

    If you haven't received it and the center doesn't have it, ask your (former) supervisor to put in an inquiry to find out if it was issued and get the tracking number. The payroll dept does get some checks returned if employees haven't kept their addresses current in the system.
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