Quitting before getting fired.

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    Hello everyone,
    This if my first post and will probably be my last as a UPS Casual Driver. On Friday I F'd up big time. Ya see this is the story, I started as a casual about three months ago and after months of getting dicked around being giving two or three days of work a week doing a split route they put me on a HELL route, 170+ stops 400 pieces, mostly business and apartment buildings not much DR, a ton of pick ups and airs. Now heres where I F'd up. After a S!&*#% day last friday I returned to the center around 7:30 and while unloading my airs and PU's I found a package in RDL that I made no attempt to deliver as it was not in my EDD and I did not see it until I got back to the center. I made a really poor judgement call and decided to just leave it on my truck and cross out the PAL and service cross it as NI1. As my sup has been all over my :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: to be perfect on this route after just one day of training I did not go back out because I did not wish for my stops/hr to get messed up. Now I am most certain that I will surely be fired in the morning for dishonesty. Should I preemptively tender my resignation via email tonight, or go in tomorrow morning and "take it like a man"?
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    Also, not that it matters now, but would there have been any chance that Mgmt would not know about the package left on my car? or would they see the report of no scan, find the package, see the service cross that makes it look like I am covering it up, and Can me? Either way Besides not having a Job ATM, I believe that leaving this Company sooner rather than later is the right choice. After reading forum posts and seeing the way in which workers are treated by Mgmt first hand, I would probably be better off not wasting any more time with UPS and instead use that time to make myself more marketable to future employers.
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    Dont ever lie. They can do all sorts of mean things to you, which you can get out of, if you are patient and in the right. If you lie, even if they don't can you for it, you are still just a liar.
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    Take it like a man.dont think your the only one who's done something similar TRUST ME and still work for ups.nothing may happen.did it get delivered.did you steal it....no.so dont worry about it a billion things happen out there in a day you know that.they've got alot on their plates your definitely not the only person,may get over looked very possible!dont quit they often give you resignation option.let them approach you.dont rat yourself out.usually its the customer inquiring about their missing package that draws the attention.but dont do that again.do what is right.and take the chewing.
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    If its called to your attention,just explain what happened as you did here. Even though you screwed up,it was an honest mistake and certainly not the end of the world. Chances are at worst you will get some type of warning letter but dont let that discourage you from working hard if UPS is really where you want to be.People have done far worse and are still around.Dont sweat the small stuff.
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    Well, as I see it: yes, you did screw up by missing the package. The amount of fuss that they would make over that varies widely, from a 'talk-with' to serious discipline/termination if it happened to be a 'flavor of the month' or worse yet, a 'SALT' (service test) they planted to test you. (Is it strange that there is a PAL, but it wasn't in EDD?)
    What is very damning is you service crossed it NI1, instead of recording it missed. Or bringing it into the office to let management decide what to do with it.

    It sounds like you've realized the job isn't for you. If they want you gone, most likely you will have a chance to resign. Until that happens, you might as well continue to work there during the seasonal period, or you gain employment elsewhere; whichever comes first.
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    Let them confront you. If you ran 170 stops and 400 pieces they are probally not in a hurry to fire you.
  8. Johney

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    I know I'll catch $#!* here for this but next time if there is a next time don't service cross it now your name is tied to that box. Was it in your EDD? You said no right so throw it on the unload belt. Of course that isn't the right thing to do but it would've kept you out of it. This happens on our belt on a daily basis pkg scanned into bldg next day no delivery scan. What do you supposed happened? Next best thing would've been bring it to a sup and explain what happened let them decide what to do. Right now wait and see what becomes of it. BUT don't deny it your initials are on the box.
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    To the OP:

    I have had this happen to me and did what Johney said. I took the PAL label off and threw it back on the belt. haha. I realize it wasn't right but oh well. Now i double check my truck before i drive back to the center.
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    You should either sheet the package as missed or just threw it on the belt without writing anything on it. I would have sheeted it missed as that is what happen. I know drivers that would have just threw it on the belt in which then nobody knows where it came from.
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    Why is everyone so afraid to admit a mistake. I would just carry it up to the driver sup or the first managemnet person I found and tell them what happened. If they told me to take it back out and deliver it, I would at time and a half.

    I would never dream of lying because somebody might chew me out. As the Apache says in Inglorious Bastards " I 've been chewed out before"
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    You screwed up, know you screwed up, and I assume you don't plan on screwing up like that again. Sounds like you learned your lesson and how to prevent it from happening again. This is how management used to treat people, not the "I'm gunna rip write you up and intent to terminate the next screwup I see you do".

    Back in the day you could, imagine this, actually talk to your management team about screwups without the fear of visting the local the next day. You see, they used to actually understand how things were on the package car and how sometimes "poop" happens. Now it's the "gotcha" mentality because you made their DNED number .02 over plan and someone has to be the scapegoat.
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    I hope you didn't quit.Every ups driver has done something similar and learned from their mistake.
    It is not a cardinal sin like not reporting an accident,having a roll away,or stealing.
    If it was not in your edd (we have no such thing here)I would think,it will not show as missed.
    The service cross should go unnoticed I think.
    Please let us know how this turned out.
  14. Cementups

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    I hope you didn't quit as well. You should have sheeted up as missed. But I wouldn't fret too much about it. Unless they were doing a check-in audit on you when you got in you probably have nothing to worry about.
  15. Jackburton

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    And the check in audit's in our center are done at the pumps as there is nothing to say someone didn't just throw said box into your load after you left your truck.
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    Seriously? Maybe the choice was not one I would make today but like said this is not the end of the world. Lots of things go on to make things go on, don't steal don't lie and all is good. Stressed out new driver...just tell them or the poor clerk might be looking for that package.