Quitting in middle of pay period

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  1. Fishoutofwater

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    Non-Union member supervisor moving on. Already have accepted new job. Have not given a notice of quitting because I've heard other sups have been fired on spot then are out of luck two weeks pay. I have already received my pay for this period 1/16-1/31. If I quit and do not report this week does ups have any way of asking for the money back for 1/26-1/30? Thanks!
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    Good question , but if you say you will stay on until the new pay period and they decide to fire you right then and there I would think it's their call

    Just do it anyways and find out then we will really know
  3. Um, of course they have every right to ask for that money back. You didn't work....

    You're for sure one of those supervisors that make all of us look bad.
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  4. ch317273

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    thats a tough predicament to be in, for me at least giving notice is always uncomfortable, but theres something to be said for doing the right thing and at least if you ever needed ups as a reference, you gave them notice, if they decide to be ignorant about it and fire you on spot, as much as it would suck for u for a week or so at least your side of the street is clean, they would be the unprofessional ones.....but i hear ya its a crappy spot to be in, for me id need those weeks pay....i have been at a few jobs in the past and bailed literally no notice and i always felt like a scumbag, then the job i had before ups i gave almost three weeks notice and they let me go after week and half, i was upset to not get paid for a week and a half but my soul felt clean :thumbup1:
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    Give notice so you aren't doing them wrong otherwise they will check do not rehire..not saying ya coking back but it's always a option. Don't burn a bridge unless it needs to be burnt, if it's already burning an no reason to save it had fuel to it.
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    Give your two weeks in writing. It's better to let them know the screw them over. I was offered a job on a Friday that started the following Wednesday. I immediately text my full time sup and apologized for not being able to put in two weeks and asked if he wanted to work through Tuesday or not at all. I finished out Tuesday because he asked and am eligible for rehire but I hope I never need to go back
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    If you leave during a pay period, Payroll will calculate the amount you were overpaid and send you a letter asking you to write them a check. If you refuse to repay the overpayment, they will remove the overpaid amount from your W-2 earnings and send you a 1099 form for it so you are on the hook for the employer's side of the FICA/Med taxes. Keep in mind that you may be due vacation time which will help offset this. Vacation for management is considered earned at 1/12 per month so if you haven't taken any vacation time this year, you should have 1/12 of your annual vacation allotment due to you. If you have already taken vacation time this year that is considered unearned, they will ask you to repay that as well.

    This happens all the time with a monthly pay cycle. It all really depends on what your manager puts down as your official last day and what he tells them you have taken for vacation as Payroll has zero visibility to what days management takes off.
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    Great responses and only one hater! Very helpful, thanks!
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    When i worked inside we had a PT sup who texted in his resignation before his shift.
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    Just met with our SCM and handed him my resignation letter. I offered to finish the week but he told me they've got it covered and wished me the best. Went extremely positive and I got him to sign off on my letter that the company is accepting the resignation early.
  11. ch317273

    ch317273 When your bank says no, champion says YES

    Congrats dude you did the right thing or as indian jones in last crusade "you have chosen WISELY"