Quitting, Need Advice ASAP!

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  1. Stavemist316

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    Hello fellow UPSers,

    I've been at UPS for close to 3 years now working as an unloader and my time has finally come. I graduated last December with a degree in IT, and after countless interviews I was finally offered a job early this morning. (Great way to end my 2 week vacation I just had :D)

    I need some advice on how to go about handing in my 2 week notice. One problem though... They really want me to start next Monday. So how should I go about handing in my 1 week notice? Seeing as how they send people home early every night(night sort) anyways, I don't see it being much of a problem only giving them a 1 week notice.

    What's the proper way of doing this at UPS? Should I write up a small 1 week notice letter, or should I just go up to my full-time Supervisor and let her know that I got a new job and they want me to start on Monday? Do I just need to tell my full-time Super or should I go up to HR and tell them as well?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The courteous thing to do would have been to notify your mgt team as soon as you knew you had the new job. At this point I would go in early for your next shift and let your supervisor know what's going on. You will receive any money due to you in the paycheck the week after your last day. Good luck.
  3. Stavemist316

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    Thanks for the quick reply. Well I just found out I got the job a few hours ago... I don't have my PT Supervisors number because they switched people around right before I left on vacation 2 weeks ago. I'm always early anyways so I'll talk to my FT Sup.

    But should I still hand her a written letter too if its short notice like this?
  4. UpstateNYUPSer

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    That's up to you but not really necessary.
  5. brown_trousers

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    The manager at my center always asks for a written resignation letter from the part-timers that quit. And come to think of it, a written letter sounds like the most courteous and convenient way to do it. Don't worry about only giving 1 week notice, its not a case of you being unethical, its just a case of the circumstances and timeline presented to you. And its also a policy of UPS to never give an unfavorable job reference. So just give your one-week notice, never look back, and consider yourself lucky to not be sucked into a lifetime of back aches and micro-managing.
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    good luck
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    First, you should make sure you take care of your new career and job opportunity. It is true that all UPS will do is confirm dates of employment, and possibly the last job title held, but nothing more. However, if you leave your boss in a tight spot he\she probably will give a low rehire status. This may not matter to you now, but you never know what will happen in the future. It's always a good idea to have a good rehire status in the event something happens down the road. What if you want to get an IT job at UPS in the future? What if the company you work for gets bought by UPS? Give the notice, tell them you start your new career next Monday. If they push, maybe see if you can come in late (after you work your new job).
  8. Anonymous 10

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    Good luck and don't look back ever. You are in a far better place congratulations.
  9. CRASH501

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    Dont walk, "RUN" a letter cant hurt, and good luck in your future.
  10. Stavemist316

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    Thank you for all the responses. I went ahead and wrote up a quick letter. They'll probably think I really got the job a week ago and just didn't want to come in on my vacation to give them a 2 week, but whatever. At least I'll be handing them a written notice, I've seen some people not even tell them they're quitting.

    It's going to be a huge change going to a 9-5 desk job when I'm used to only working 16-17 hours on night sort. I might have to get a gym membership now haha.
  11. pickup

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    Just remember, if UPS had wanted to end the relationship, you would have been given far less than one week's notice.
  12. abasf

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    always leave on good terms... you never know what can happen tomorrow
  13. pickup

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    Oh I agree with you 100%. All I was saying is that there is no need to feel guilty about giving them one week's notice. We all know that UPS collects applications well in advance of needing new people so there will be a person to slip into your position next Monday.
  14. Covemastah

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    Why don't you hang on to the P/T UPS job for a while and make sure this new job is working out !! This way you could give UPS the 2 week notice and not burn the bridge here!! Also allows you time to see if you even like the new job and your still secure here !! Good luck !! I left UPS in good terms back in 87,then got rehired in 89,been here since !!
  15. working up a sweat

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    The posters here gave you good advice. I worked IT and worked at UPS as 2nd job from 1997-2001. I lost my IT job in 2001(company closed) and immediately picked up a new IT gig. I gave 4 week notice to UPS because my new IT job was 7 PM till 7 AM. I could not continue working for UPS because my new IT job hours covered all 3 sorts. I had a good rep and discussed this to management when I gave the notice. In 2009 I lost my IT job(bad economy) I was re-hired and came back to UPS for PT work. I lost my seniority but still retained my Teamsters pension for years worked. I highly recommend getting a withdrawal card from the union and don't burn your bridges with UPS. You never know if you want to come back again in the future. After I came back, it was peak. I had to make the team again. They hired 37 people and retained only 3. I was retained and still working there. I made 5 years and now qualify for Teamsters pension. Good luck in your new IT job. The withdrawal card will save you from paying Teamsters initiation fee again.