Quitting; unused vacation time (it's interesting, I promise)

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    Howdy all,

    I'm a feeder driver who has decided to end my employment with UPS next year. It's simply not for me. I came in off the street and have no other time with the company previous to my feeder seniority date.

    What's interesting is that my anniversary date with the company is the same day as the expiration of the lease on my apartment. I planned to quit a week before the cross country move, but after reading my contract book it states that I would be paid for any unused vacation days.

    If I were to find temporary housing and continue to work past my anniversary date, then say quit a week later, would I be paid for my full unused vacation or is that opening up a can of worms? I'd have 2 weeks "in the bank" at that point.

    If I notified my management of my intentions to quit a few weeks in advance of my anniversary date, could they put a stop to my unused vacation check? Would they, at that point, find something to fire me for before that date to prevent me from collecting the vacation check?

    I can't stay a month past my anniversary date, but I'd not want to pass up $1,500 (or whatever 90 hours is) extra...
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    Don't say anything to UPS until you have had a chance to talk to your landlord. Ask him if he has a new tenant lined up and if he doesn't ask him if you could stay for a week or two beyond the end of the lease.

    You could always schedule those two weeks and then hand in your resignation.
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    Yes. You are entitled to your unused vacations. But, they may only grant them to you on the weeks that you bid on. Hopefully you have direct deposits. Otherwise you will have to depend on them to mail your check to you. Which could end up with more headaches. Good for you to see that UPS isn't for you. Good luck
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    So, what other 100K a year job are you getting with full benefits and a pension?
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    Agree. Ups feeders is about as good as it gets for CDL drivers.
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    you should go to HR and sign a separation from employment form and give 2 weeks notice. according to the contract you should receive your earned Vaca payout a week after your last paycheck.

    but mine took about 11 days. make sure they have the right address. even though I have direct deposit they sent me a "live" check by Express envelope.

    out of curiosity, what are you going to do now?
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    You lied, not very interesting.
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    Good for you for being a real man and knowing how to make a big boy decision. Those vacation weeks are yours you earned them but yes the company might try to weasel out of paying them if you quit. Think carefully whatever you decide to choose...

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    That is not interesting.

    Hope this helps.
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    Gotta love big business. No, lets not bump up pay to draw in more drivers. Lets lower our standards. Anything for a buck. What could go wrong?
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    Do you have a wife or kids? Girlfiend? Rich parents? If you have 2 weeks of pay in the bank then you really need to reassess your situation, I mean that very sincerely. Not sure if you have checked the job market yet but it's still a little tough. Have you lined up a job yet wherever you are going?

    You have about the best job if you're single and should take some time and bank your paychecks....get a pot going and establish your financial situation a little better.

    You will be sorry if you don't if you are bailing blindly.

    You could stick it out for a few years and have 50 to 100K in the bank if you're only renting.
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    A year from now he will be back on here wanting to know what his chances of getting re-hired are. Talk about a decision he will kick himself in the butt for many times over. Thousands of delivery drivers would give their eyeteeth to get into feeders and he walks in off the street- gets a feeder job and wusses out. Sad.
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    ....and then he will retire and 14 years later will bore us with stories of a UPS that no longer exists....