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    I have been working over 5 years (almost 5 1/2 years) with UPS. I just offered an internship that starts next Monday that required 9-5 shift (paid). Tomorrow, I'm going to have to bring the news to my full time supervisor that I will be done after the end of this week. Am I able to use the remaining personal days I have for the year for the rest of the week? (Thursday and Friday?) Also, will I be compensated for the remaining vacation week that I still haven't had? I am a package handler working for the Addison, IL hub.
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    Ask your stewart.

    In my opinion and if by personal days you mean option days, then can't you call in both nights and say "I'm taking an option day, my name is <name> and I work for <stupidvisor>". That's what I've always done with my Option Days - if it's my option to take the day off then I don't need to schedule it. I also believe you are paid for any unused vacation days - it's a form of compensation in the payroll "bank". I always ask the stewart over HR because the union is here to represent me if I encounter an "issue". HR is not.
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    If you provide a two week notice, you're entitled to any remaining time off. The company has plenty of flexibility with this policy, but as you're not providing any notice -- literally, informing them 'today's my last day, sorry I'm not giving you any notice to find & train a replacement, but hey, can I have a cash of my time off, even though I'm scheduled but not reporting to work?' I wouldn't expect it. Maybe you'll be lucky and management is feeling generous, though.

    (When you quit without notice, often you're keyed as a no call, no show -> assumed voluntarily quit for your no call, no shows -> added to the "do not retire" list; this typically forfeits your remaining paid time off. YMMV.)
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    Keep in mind that just in case Stewart can't answer your question, you could always ask Mike or even Bob.
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    I get the play off the grammar error, but what are you referencing? (Who the heck are Mike and Bob?)

    - - -

    Before the grammar queens get to my posting, let me make corrections:

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    I never heard of a "Union stewart." However, I have heard of a "Union steward."

    Mike and Bob were just random names to go with "Stewart."

    ​Got it now?
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    Congratulations dude
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    I think UPS has added all employees to the "Do No Retire" list
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    Where is this term "two weeks notice" in the contract? you don't have to give two minutes notice. The contract states that for part timers if they resign or are terminated the are entitled to full vacation pay if they have worked 625 hours that year. If less than that it's pro-rated. I'm not sure how optional days work. I would take those and then tell them that you quit. Drivers don't give notice when they quit and pter's they could care less about. I see a class of newbies by the guard shack of my building when Im leaving at least once a week. Me and other drivers tell them to run away.
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    He's neither resigning nor being terminated.

    The issue is covered in your supplement or rider, anyway - not the national contract.
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