R.I.P. Chrissy Amphett

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    R.I.P. Chrissy

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    This caught me off guard.
    I downloaded my first album from iTunes.
    I can't believe but it took me a longtime to do it and I downloaded the very best of Don Henley.

    I was outside and I actually placed buds in my ears to list to Don.
    (Never again..I will be using Klipsch headphones instead.)
    I was feeling good because I was thinking about how Don Henley's music took a softer more stoic turn when he wrote for his wife.
    Don's wife was dx'd with MS two years prior to their marriage.

    I come back in the house and log on to BC.
    I see More started another RIP thread.
    I ask,"Who the hell is Chrissy?"

    I open the thread and I am sucker punched in the gut.

    Damn cancer and damn MS.
    Death toll this year for celebrities with MS.
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    I liked your post. Not for the pain and hurt you feel.

    But that you express it freely.

    I hurt with you.
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