R.I.P. George McGovern

Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by moreluck, Oct 21, 2012.

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    RIP, Mr. McGovern.
  3. I guess the moderator(s) are commie, socialist liberals?
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    Just like the ones that are doing such terrible things in your imagination :wink2:
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    RIP Mr McGovern.

  6. Stalin, Pol Pot, Hitler........just different degrees. One step at a time. It is interesting that if your not respectful(of someone you don't respect) that you are censored......Interesting.
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    Well sure, now that you put it that way it makes even more sense. That Hitler guy was such a commie.. :happy-very:
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    WTR---after you posted your inconsiderate post I posted "Time and place". No, I did not report the post, although I should have. I guess either someone else reported it or one of the mods did and chose to delete it. I agree with the moderation. Time and place.
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    If you were a regular viewer of All In The Family........McGovern was the candidate of the liberal Meathead Mike and he and Archie argued all the time because Archie was a Nixon man.

  10. National Socialist.....Nazi's.....Hitler......yep. Peel back the layers....connect the dots...follow the bloodline(intended).

  11. Again.....so?
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    You really think Hitler was a communist? You might want to read some history.
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    It's a complicated game.
    XTC Complicated Game - YouTube

  14. Nationalist Socialist Workers Party. Socialist. Socialism......with a little insanity and horror thrown in. Dictator. Insane. Socialist. The Left. Liberal. Leftist. Please read carefully. Let's read some history...shall we? Nazis nationalized the economy.....besides killing 6 million Jews and a million others. Care to dispute that? George Mc Govern was as liberal left as they come.......I do not mourn his passing nor respect him. Censor away.
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    Hopefully the other members here on BrownCafe show a lot more class than you have on this thread.

  16. Noted.....