R.I.P. Swamp Guy

Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by moreluck, May 14, 2012.

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    That's so sad.
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    Sad ---- but the way some of those guys drive boats on those kind of shows its amazing it don't happen more often. Shelby (on Ax Men) appears to be a nutcase when it comes to boat safety.
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    This is what I'm saying!!!
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    I was amazed that he was only 48. If someone said pick his age it's either 48, 58, 68 or 78. I think 48 would have been my last guess.
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    This is how their grandfathers and on back lived, they lived off the land and traded for what they need. The problem with that lifestyle is lack of modern day medical care and diverse eating habits. This might be why he looked a lot older than he was (assuming he wasn't doing any drugs or hard drinking). I know he died due to a boating accident but take a look at that aluminum boat they drove around in, it had all kinds of issues from what I could see.
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    I love that show . I was just telling someone about the episode where he and his brother were towing a house boat and ran out of gas. We just had a crawfish boil on vacation because of wacthing the show.