R.I.P. Travolta's son

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    John Travolta's son dies in Bahamas

    NASSAU (Reuters) – The teenage son of actor John Travolta died suddenly on Friday during a family vacation in the Bahamas, according to the family's lawyer.
    Jett Travolta, 16, suffered a seizure at his family's vacation home at the Old Bahama Bay Hotel on Grand Bahama Island, attorney Michael Ossi said.
    Attempts were made to revive him, but he died at the scene, Ossi said.
    Jett, who had a history of seizures, was the eldest child of Travolta and his wife, actress Kelly Preston. They also have a daughter, Ella Blue, who was born in 2000.
    (Reporting by John Marquis; editing by Jane Sutton and Mohammad Zargham)
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    How sad, to lose a child, and on a family vacation during the holidays. How does anyone deal with all that?
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    this is indeed a tragic, sad loss. i am sorry for john and Kelly and their daughter. but, it is no more sad then another parent that lost a child this day, or any day. the loss of a child is always tragic, famous parents or not.
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    I think that way too. Anytime I read that sort of story, I think of the thousands of others, who aren't famous so you will never hear about them.
    My son had a stroke when he was a baby, and has had seizures thru his childhood. Makes me wonder what brought on young Travoltas seizures.

    My best to the family.
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    i am so sorry to hear that about your son. i will pray for him, and your family for strenght and health. and no more seizures, but i guess that goes along with health.
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    Thank you so much, Downsized. It has been many years since his last seizure. He drives and works (same ski area as my daughter!). All is good.
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    This one hits home.
    About 8 years ago, my wife and I were in the process of taking a foster child into our care. He lived at the boys home where my wife worked and was very special to us. Over one particular weekend, he was moved to another boys home. This was not really a big deal except for the fact that we were never able to see him again. He died suddenly that Saturday night in his sleep from a seizure. What really ticked us off was the lack of supervision or acknowledgment of his seizure history at this new home. It really ripped my wife apart for a long time.
    I feel really bad for John. It seems like he was very close to his son. :sad-little:
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    Loss is hard to deal with of a parent at a young age, I can't even muster up the kind of courage it would take to bury a child. At the age of 17 I lost my mom having to go and pick out her casket was terrible before she passed.

    I don't know if i could bury my own children or if I would just loose it. Hopefully it will not be in my lifetime and all appropriate arrangements for myself will be taken care of for my children.

    Best Wishes to anyone who would have to endure this no matter who you are.:angel2:
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    Preston and Travolta have said that Jett became very sick when he was 2 years old and was diagnosed with Kawasaki Syndrome, an illness that leads to inflamed blood vessels in young children. Preston blamed household cleaners and fertilizers, and said that a detoxification program based on teachings from the Church of Scientology helped improve his health, according to People magazine. Others said Jett was prone to seizures.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    I think this is the part that disturbs me the most. Since when is The Church of Scientology qualified to make medical programs? The Travolta's had the assets to get the best in medical care than probably you or I.

    A recent story in our state had 14 yr old die after the parents used prayer instead of getting medical advice. After autopsy the M.E. said the boy would have survived if he would have been on antibiotics for a common illness. The parents are now facing prosecution.
  12. DownsizedUPS'er

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    they believe their faith helped them and their son during his illness. not unlike anyone else that is a perosn of faith. the church of scientology does not profibit the use of medicine. that is the christian scientest. they are different religions. Jett was on seizure medicines. he had doctors. but, as for the Kawaski illness, he was no longer sick from that. that affects kids 2-5 years old. and, that illness had nothing to do with, nor did it cause his seizure disorder. so, in closing, John and Kelly did everything MEDICALLY possable for their son.