Rachel Maddow Challenged

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Aug 10, 2011.

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    I hope he's not holding his breath till she answers. LOL
  3. menotyou

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    Gotta love those teachers from NYS.!! SUNY rocks!! Go SLU!!!
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    This could actually bring her ratings out of the basement.
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    What, the picture I posted that got removed?
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    Whats funny is that the Liberals watch FOX news more than MSNBC or the rest of the lame stream media.
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    Moreluck, send me that picture please
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    Posting it again.......

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    Why would that have been removed?
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    Maybe I had a senior moment and hit preview post and thought I had posted it. Oh well, that's the pic. anyway. I sure think that Rachel and Janine could have a He-Woman Man Hater's Club of their own.
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    None of the mods moved your picture, there's nothing wrong with it that I can see.
    It is possible that your hit "preview" instead of "post", I've done that once or twice...or three times...
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    That's what I wrote in post #10
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    Well not exactly More. You said you might have, while Jones said, "Jane, you ignorant slut!"

    Well at least that's how I read it. :funny:
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    OK, that made me laugh out loud !! Love Dan Akroyd and met him at LAX last year. Thanks Hoke!
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    This might prove rather interesting to watch, not so much as regards Maddow but rather in regards to Bachmann and Bradlee Dean. Dean has a radio show and I'm sure the sound clips will be poured over in the days ahead. Frank Schaeffer, former christian reconstructionist and son of the late Francis Schaeffer has a piece on Bachmann addressing even his own influences on her.
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    Well as a moderator, shouldn't you delete Jones post as a violation of the TOS agreement?
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    Canadian quotes are all over this site..........Akroyd is Canadian..........therefore, we know Dan left K behind!!!