Racism at UPS?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Jhansen, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. Jhansen

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    I'm a cover driver at the UPS Hub in Memphis, and most of my supervisors are African American. I have no issues with racism, but I feel like because I'm white my supervisors choose other cover drivers(who are also African American) to work over me. Has anyone else experience this? any tips on how I should handle this?
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    I believe it goes by seniority...file
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    Of course it's racism, but you can't say that. It wouldn't be politically correct.
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    File a complaint to HR. Get it on paper. Is it a seniority thing? Is it a knowledge thing? Are you being denied work all together?
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    Casual cover or FT cover ?
  6. UnsurePost

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    I say file on the seniority issue, if there is one. If everything is by seniority and you bottom the list, then there isn't much you can do regarding that.

    OT a little, I have noticed a particular supervisor who speaks far more favorably towards minorites and women, than to anyone else. Their attitude and approach quickly changes depending on who they talk to. idiosyncratic and unprofessional, but yes it occurs.
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    Around here everyone gets treated like dirt, some just like to lick the boots of their abusive bosses, mainly the safety committee.
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    I have not read anyones responce to this yet .But have you heard of a letter of concern to adress this? Have you heard of a shop rep getting to the bottom of this? Have you filed a grievance on seniority? You have a lot of options. TO bad you dont know the number to your union hall to adress this issue. You dont have the balls or guts to find out. BUT you have to post on this with this problem you dont deserve to do the route. i 100 pct DOUBT its a race issue
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    I would handle this with your shop steward and not on a message board. Get a clue
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    Simply put, this is a seniority issue, meaning it is a grievance issue. When I went driving way back when, our HR manager was AA. He hired five AA drivers with less seniority than me before I went. All I did was wait until I gained my 30 days and filed a grievance. My seniority date was changed ahead of those five guys. Case closed. Do yourself a favor and drop the racism talk. This is a simple black and white issue, and I'm not talking about race. File your grievance as a contract dispute and nothing else. Maybe it is racism. So what? Are you going to file a lawsuit? Then treat it as it is, a contract issue, and go back to work.

    When I was a cover driver, I had other cover drivers with less seniority get favored by sups who were friends with them. I had to just stand up and tell them I had more time and I would file on them if it continued. that was all it took. I recommend you do the same.
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    Black, Not African American. If We are labeled as White (not European American, Italian American), then they should be labeled black.

    That is all
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    Union brothers & sisters for generations upon generations fought for a grievence procedure like we have. Let it play out. USE IT
  14. Shifting Contents

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    I don't know about your situation however I once had a fairly high manager tell me to think twice about going into management. His reasoning was that I was neither an ethnic minority or a homosexual so I wouldn't get very far in the UPS of today. UPS is too concerned woth image. It really struck a chord being as this manager is an ethnic minority.
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    You forgot female.
  16. Shifting Contents

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    Thought I covered that with the homosexual part! I kid! I kid! JUST KIDDING
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    I was raised a poor black child.
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    I think the company is starting to pander to persons of middle east ancestry and/or muslim beliefs now.
  20. UnsurePost

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    Soon "whites" will be the minority, so maybe they'll be pandered to, next?