Radios in trucks.

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  1. Tim.

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    Does UPS allow radios in the cab of trucks? Right now I have a Milwaukee Jobsite radio, but plan on buying something smaller. Also, since I listen to AM, does reception become a problem when I shoe the DIAD? Thanks for your answers.
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    The search function is your friend.
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    Unusual to have an avatar for a first post. Nice one, tho. And, "trucks"? Anyway, click on

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    Sorry, package cars...
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    no radio,no work
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    AM might be tuff. I know when I drove AM was impossable to listen to because of all the engine electronic interference. (spark plug noise):peaceful:
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    Yeah, "truck" is what the nice lady in short pants is pushing.
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    To answer your question; yes radios are allowed in the package cars, but they must be secured in such a manner that they do not obscure your view of the windshield or mirrors, or pose a tripping hazard. The big yellow jobsite radios are usually too bulky to be practical in this regard. My experience with AM radio is that reception is usually poor; if your package car is gas-powered you will get so much interference from the spark plugs on the AM band that you wont be able to listen to it at all. The diesels are somewhat better, but there are still enough electronics under the hood that AM is tough to hear. I have never had a problem recieving FM in any type of vehicle.
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    so true that why i have a radio that plays my ipod. thinking of getting satellite radio soon. a lot of drivers in my center have sat radio and love it
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    ok...why does everyone post this comment??....there wouldn't be any forums if everyone used the search....u can say "use search button" for every single posted thread....enough guys, just answer the question
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    This question has been answered before. Use the search function, it's your friend... :happy-very:
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    True enough, but if our answer to every single question from a newcomer is that "its been answered before, just use the search function" then we (a)wont have many new people who will want to stick around and (b) the board will become rather quiet and empty. I would rather just answer the question again.
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    I would rather watch a simple question turn into a "so and so -you are a dumb :censored2: and you opinion sucks" (knock down drag out mess) like so many post on here do. Except for the "what kind of shoes are the best posts-- they have to go.:happy2: Most times the Brown Cafe is better than Comedy Central :happy-very:
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    Do I have to use the search function to find out how to use the search function?
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    This question has been answered before. Use the search function, it's your friend... :happy-very::happy-very:
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    What are the uses of the search function? Where is it located and will it help me deliver packages?!
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    The problem with that is we end up answering the same questions over and over and...