Raiders Of The Corporate Ark

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    No, it's not the Ark Of The Covenant, but Frederick and his pals MT3 and "Ritchie Cunningham" Bronczek are all corporate raiders...of their own corporation. More accurately, they have raided us, with the assistance of the RLA, ERISA laws and the complicity of politicians on both sides of the aisle.

    Think about what they have taken, and all of the schemes perpetrated upon us, with the express (pun intended) design of lightening our wallets. The RLA has saved Fred literally hundreds of millions of dollars, money he would have had to pay us if most locations had gone union. Boston, LA, The Bay Area, NYC etc....all of these big markets would have gone union years ago. RLA kryptonite prevents it, because all of those Fred-loving folks in the Right-To-Work-For Less states would never hear of a Communist union tainting their beloved FedEx. The big city employee know better, and are smart enough to have told FS to stick it up his ass many moons ago.

    ERISA. This is the justification Fred used to raid your pension, because some small print in the ERISA laws said that pensions had to be "fully funded". This wasn't a problem, but Fred decided to create a fake one and take the Traditional Plan with it. Guess what? It worked. Ever talk to a fellow employee who has had their STD or LTD stopped unjustly? Because FedEx is self-insured, they can't complain to their state insurance commissioner, and have to deal with the federal bureaucracy, which doesn't have an oversight on anything but violations of procedure. Good luck fighting Fred there. ERISA laws were theoretically written to protect employees...they really were written to protect corporations.

    Self-insurance is another raid on your pocketbook. Because FedEx pays the bills, they have a huge incentive to deny coverage, and also jack-up rates and deductibles. There is no question of what they are doing and have been doing for years now. Picking your pocket so they can fill theirs. The new plan is laughably bad, and obviously designed to have you either opt for no coverage or drive you to the Obamacare exchanges.

    This company is beyond just being corrupt, They are immoral, unethical, and cowardly. Going-up against Team FedEx is like a Jew facing a panel composed of Hitler, Goebbels, Mengele, and Himmler. You are the enemy, especially if you are older, injured, or a Simpleton. They will mow you down like grass and never feel a pang of remorse. They nickel and dime you to death with Market Levels, eternal top-out times, split-shifts, and recorders that tell you to start late when they've screwed-up, God has created a bad weather day, or Boeing's airplane broke. It's your fault. And if you dare to fight back, you are labeled, blackballed,targeted, and "eliminated" as quickly as possible to purge a resister from the Borg machine. Just ask anyone who has tried to unionize a station or has dared to buck the system. There will be hell to pay,...very quickly.

    The amazing thing is that there are thousands of "Snipers","Danos", and "FedExAllTheWays"out there who think FedEx is great, Smith is a visionary, and that they need to continue to work hard because it's their duty to do so. The raiding will never stop until we rise-up and stop it. Resistance is not futile, and nobody should willingly be led to the slaughter. Rationalize it if you wish. The truth will eventually prevail.
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    k now what is plan B or C
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    What? If you're referring to me getting out, I'm just waiting for my wife to get insurance coverage I can get on.
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    "Myself and some of my colleagues believe that unless things change, goin' postal will be replaced by goin' FedEx.
    I don't condone that, but things need to change before we end up in the news."

    Richard Cranium from truckingboards fedex freight posting

    All this can't be only OUR imagination.
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    It's the same at FedEx Freight. All of the people that used to love their companies when they were Viking, American Freightways, or Watkins hate FedEx with a passion. Know why? It's because FedEx eliminates all the old management (people AND policies) and declares martial law with Express-style management that makes people miserable, and eventually...violent. It isn't going to change, and I also fear we will be in the news.
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    Might be worth checking the ACA health care exchanges. I'm hearing instances of friends with "decent" coverage finding the same plans with lower premiums via the exchange. It's worth a shot.

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    I checked CA and if your employer offers a plan then you are not eligible for the tax credit. In other words, we are royally screwed!
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    "Your paycheck, health benefits, pension, RLA.. don't look at it Maryann Keep your eyes SHUT!!

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    You'd be eligible if you pay more than 9.5% of your household income towards premiums through your employer.
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    This could very well happen since Smith has been pushing his luck too far too long. Coupled with not being able to stop raping us, things could turn real ugly someday.
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    You know, as much as I don't like what they've taken from us here in the great white North, it really seems like FedEx has put the screws to our American brothers. I'm assuming, because we aren't hamstringed by the RLA here and can essentially organize whenever we want. Our top out pay is within $1 and change to that of UPS (assuming you can actually hit top out before you retire) and our "pension", while still not on par with UPS is a lot better than most places now a days.

    That said, in my 10+ years with this company, it has been nothing but take, take, take. Jumpseat, gone. Rexing contest, gone. Pay for sales leads, gone. Our raises which used to be 2% for anything above a 6.6 are now 1.25%. Our unlimited sick days at 100% pay went to 5 full paid sick days and anything after that 70% and now unlimited sick days at 70% pay. Holiday pay is now 7.5 hours, even if you 8 hours a day. and floating holidays are 7.5 hours too where they used to be 8.

    Still the old blood at FedEx continue to allow this to happen year in, year out. There are those of us who want a fair deal for EVERYONE yet our attempts are continually blocked by those who are within 10 years of retirement because they simply don't care about anyone other than themselves.
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    MFE will like this one:

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    In regards to going postal at FedEx, I guarantee the first time this happens won't be the only time it happens. There are always copycats who are emboldened to act once they see someone else do it first.