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    If the package volume is down why do I see rental railbox trailers still being used? I was on a major east-west interstate the other day and in approx. 50 miles the 22 east bound feeders that I saw, 6 of the were railboxes. I realize that there is a need to balance equipment but what is the cost of using a 45' railbox?

    Any load planners or schedulers out there know the answers to my questions?
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    Interestin question!
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    I believe they either bought or have long term leases on those boxes,The prefix on them are ups z ,scsz, cfkz, pkgz.. the bought the fstz's a few yrs ago and painted them grey & added the ups logo.Any grey ups trailer you see with barn doors was probaly an fstz at one time..
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    And I still occasionally see CSXUs. It seems insane to be using CSX 53 footers other than at Peak.
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    Maybe It's just my eyes playing tricks but those trailers seem so much bigger than any regular 53'er , not to mention they are an eye sore!!