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    I am probably beating a previous thread to death, but where can UPSers order rain jackets and pants from? I cannot believe that there is no demand for UPS approved supplemental clothing other than t-shirts and socks. I want gore-tex so I do not sweat like when I wear my old, ripped rain coat. When I was shopping at Cabelas I saw a gore-tex hiking hat that would be great for keeping rain off my glasses, and my back. Too bad it didn't come in UPS brown.
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    If you get in your time machine and go ack about 10 years then you can order one out of the catalog. Unfotunately if your Flux Capacitor is broke, you are screwed.
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    I've been told yellow rain gear is accepted.
    If it's raining so hard I need protection, I'll wear whatever I damn well please.
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    I still have the one they gave me back in 1978.
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    Some of us were given the yellow UPS rain coats. I have one...but it's not delivery friendly.

    Has button snaps instead of a zipper. Is entirely rubberish - very hot. Your still going to get wet in the summer months and not from the rain. Is a bit longer then really needed so it's hard to clip your diad onto your belt.

    Did we say it's Yellow? So it looks like absolute CRAP after wearing it a few times.
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    I am still waiting for my Mr Fusion to be delivered by RPS.:wink2: