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    I started working Nov. 1, 2010. I started at 8.50/hr then got my dollar raise after 3 months and also took the pick off test to get another dollar raise putting me at 10.50/hr. I'm suppose to get another 50 cent raise after a year right? I started getting my benefits on Nov. 1, 2011. It has been over a month and they still haven't given me my 50 cent raise. I went to my FT sup and she was told that they already gave me my raise which is completely wrong. I was also told since I was seasonal help that my actually seniority date is going to be in Jan. Can anyone give me any insight on this, am I getting ripped off by UPS?
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    The seniority list is posted somewhere in you building go look at and see what date it has for your seniority date. Then talk to your shop steward and see if he can help. If not file a grievance.

    Your seniority date should be the first day you started working. Apparently it is since you you started to get your benefits.

    Get a copy of the contract and read your local supplement section. Management will walk all over you unless you know your rights.