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    Alright so I'm a loader and I started September 2007. I got a 85 cent raise in August then for my seniority raise I got 15 cents. Does that sounds right? I've read the contract and I still can't tell if that's correct. I've heard for the seniority raise it's suppose to be 50 cents but then I also heard we were only suppose to get 35 in August so I don't know.
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    If you truly feel bad about keeping this extra money, you can forward a check to:

    Mr. Scott Davis
    United Parcel Service
    55 Peachtree Blvd
    Atlanta, GA
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    you get a contractual raise from the old contract since you started before the new one was voted for and took effect. I'm not sure what it is, but it's probably not the same as the new one.