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    Raises for whom? I always get conflicting stories about raises...for example, seems like a lot of people got raises last year, however, I didn't. Other than a $1.00 raise after 90 days and a $1.00 raise for certified pick-off. I've heard we get a .35 cent increase in January and another in June...I've yet to see that happen, at least for me. Just curious :smart:
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    Socks is in management. He's apparently excited, thinking he's getting a raise this year. Last year Scott Davis got his.
  4. Scott got all of ours!!:biting:
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    Don't you mean NAY!!!!!!!!! The only thing your'e gettin is a pink slip(hopefully):knockedout:
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    I've gotten my two 30cent raises last year, except I get mine in March and August.
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    Altogether now! Who's for UPSSOCKS sticking a pencil in his ear?

    The vote has been counted and ratified.
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  10. Why only one???
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    I got a 30 cent or 35 cent raise about 5 or 6 months ago, all I remember was it was very small...
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    Got any other info on this? Did you get one, are they handing them out where you are? Are they MAKING UP for the one we didnt get last year? (Which I heard FedEx did for its employees?)

    If its the pathetic 2.5% average (for TWO YEARS I might add) I'm not sure thats really worth "yay". More like a "damned well better be giving raises before we leave this place".
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    I wonder if Scott Davis will wait until Feb 1st to take his raise.Maybe he will take only half and defer the other half until Aug 1st.
    Socky on the other hand most likley gets a bonus for every dismissal and warning letter.
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    He probably wears one too.
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    Correction, it's Feb. 1 and Aug. 1
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    be glad you have a job.i know people who would work for brown in a heartbeat.some places don't even get raises.1.00 an hour after 30 days.i worked for brown 30years.glad i got what i had.
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    Where were these people when I applied 23 years ago? They didn't want our jobs when the economy was rockin in the early 2000s and they were making money hand over fist, they don't want my job when it's hot or pouring rain. They want my job when I am on one of my 7 weeks vacation or they don't have a job:happy2:
  19. Hey.. They announcement just came out that all Management people will get a 650% raise!

    I heard it from an unreliable source in ATL!!

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    We got our stock on Friday. I hear the 401k match is long gone though. I'm in the Laurel Mountain district. We had a sit down with our district manager. So far we haven't doubled out one union worker in our building. It will be the first peak in 20+ years without any double outs. We actually have hired so many people that we are running between a 3.8 - 4.0 day.