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    I've been with ups for 12 years and for the majority of those years I've been pleased with my job. BUT over the last 4 years it has gotten progressively worse. I'm also a steward, and knew when I took that role I would have to find a median if I choose this as my career however the company has gotten so evil and vile I can't walk that line in between and haven't been able to. Don't know about the other centers but mine has gotten so bad that all managers are scared for their jobs and the only thing that matters are their numbers, not safety, no damages and definitely not workers moral. I never thought this company would go down so fast and don't think this is sustainable for long term success. I see packages getting smashed cause the belt is attached and stuff falling off on a daily basis, filed numerous grievances for safety to no avail, all they say is they will address it but they never do. This new contract proposal is a complete joke and the fact that heads of Our union endorse it only leads me to believe one thing, we are sold out! I'm not protected and either is my work or benefits, the company and union have joined together before that last :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: contract (that everyone I know voted NO on) and we as a union are an after thought. I will always look after my people on my shift and have been offered money under the table to turn my back to which I've basically told 2 managers to kiss my ass! I have integrity and can't sell out my teamsters but that has put a huge target on my back from both sides (yes this is all very true) and I've now ruined my chances of going full time. You may say "they can't be vindictive" but yes they can and our. No matter what I do nobody above has my back, this world has changed to a corporate juggernaut and we have no protection because its been corrupted by greed. I'm currently trying to get out and better my life and it brings me great sadness to know I've wasted this much of my life to this once great company.
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    I've worked with UPS for 6 years and I'll agree. Things have really gotten bad over the last few years. I don't know if UPS realizes the happiness of there employees reflects back to the customers. All the senior guys 20-30 year guys, say....this use to be a good company to work for.
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    if I were you I would drop out , get on the government tit and smoke a big one.
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    Sold out? you got that right.Its OBVIOU$. been there lil over 12 years myself.
    a contract/TA ....FULL of CON$E$$ION'$....
    I feel your pain,i remember when I first starting hearing/seeing the b $ at the company years ago.
    I don't plan on being there forever,i to have thing's outside of the big brown $ h I t hole. that will hopefully push my life
    into a more positive,I have family member's that were union president's with other Companies.
    I let them both read over the contract/TA....they said,...sound's like the UNION PEOPLE....are in the companies (ups') back pocket.
    They said that ALL MEMBER'S NATION WIDE.
    Should stand up,and ask for a COMPLETE AUDIT. NATION WIDE. of all the moneys in the UNION coffers.

    and WHY they need dues increased....when the UNION clearly does not have our back's....And to make sure that their is NO
    conflict of interest TAKING PLACE. And if people are not being treated right..and once grievances have been timely filed,and no result.
    I WOULD GO TO N.L.R.B. ...and file charges. COMPANIES DO NOT LIKE THAT....oh by the way the union or ups can not retaliate IF
    they do...go back to the N.L.R.B. and FILE MORE CHARGES.... and seek to get a LABOR ATTORNEY....a GOOD labor atty...that has to be VOTED ON.
    I was told that I should whip my @ $ $ with this contract/TA....and send it back.
    Addressed to Scott Davis. Ceo of UPS.

    And if there are ANY discrepancies..then people need to be brought up on charges.
    These two family member's of mine have been there done that,that's where I got all that info from.

    I only bring the N.L.R.B. stuff up because of the sup...paying you to "look the other way" ..and the fact that the union and the sup's
    are both jumping down your neck..and this is preventing you from getting full time...is B $ ...
    and your right this company is being sour'ed from GREED inside out....especially our "UNION"
    Just wish either one of my family member's worked at UPS..(but their both old and disabled)..but they know their labor and union laws and have had to deal with the N.L.R.B. along with union matter's with other companies...and other info. they woulda been darn good stewards etc...or higher.

    Hang in there man.there are time's when I dread going into the hub as well.

    just remember. National Labor Relations Board......and it is in any city.

    They get down to the nitty gritty...companies etc..DO NOT LIKE IT.
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    You speak of damaged packages. I worked at the Meadowlands facility as a clerk for 2 and a half years and that's all I did was repack damage packages and find the recipients of lost labeled packages. It took half my day to do the repacking and this was just from one "shoot". The management didn't even care if I couldn't find all the items or even if I was putting the correct items back in the boxes. It was and probably still is horrendous. I had a very hard time working and believing that I was doing the right thing.

    Morale is non-existant at UPS. I started in the early 80's and the job was actually fun back then. The company made so much money off our backs they were swimming in it. The middle 80's saw a boom in new hires that has never been duplicated. Internet sales from QVC and HSN were filling the trucks like mad. As the years went on the company got worse and worse. I was so glad when I got off the road in 2003 as I had had enough of the bull:censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:. Clerking wasn't much better but at least I wasn't working god awful hours of overtime. I lasted until early 2011 and finally hung it up. I couldn't imagine a worker just starting out nowadays. I feel so much for those people. UPS is just not the same as it once was.
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    I just can't believe how bad the company has gotten and how weak the union seems now, everything seems corrupted by greed. Why would we vote yes to go into a union plan that has absolutely no garrentee's, they can mishandle our healthcare like our pension and say"oh well" then we can't do anything! Are people blind? This company made billions off our backs and not only are we keeping this 22.3 bull:censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: but our raises don't keep up with inflation! SOLD OUT!