Rashes and heat

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    So, I searched the forums and found a little on this topic, but really surprised it's not discussed more often.

    Alot of us on preload are finding what looks like heat rash just above the sock line. Which is odd, cause you would think it would be where the socks actually touch the skin, not above it. As I am doing driver helper this week for Amazon Prime stuff on top of my regular preload duties, any tips on getting it under control?

    Special socks maybe? Apply certain types of powder throughout the day? Lotions? Our managers are stumped even though they get it as well.
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    Have they fumigated the place? Sounds like some sort of bug bite
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    Nope. Would not do any good with the doors open all the time anyways.
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    They would fumigate at night when the doors are closed.
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    Hi Dave
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    I guess the mods have separated us.
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    Socks are probably too tight causing your sweat glands to get blocked which causes heat rash.
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    I think you 2 would get along fabulously
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    Yep. Flea problem again. What hub you in?
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    Not Dogpatch?
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    Have any pictures?
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    7 days old (5).jpg
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    Anti fungal cream.
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  20. Jackburton

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    I suffer from this same problem. You develop a rash of sorts above the sock line but below the knee. When you bend or stretch your skin it burns and irritates it.
    This was from today. I've researched it and went to the dermatologist (I go anyways, have had 2 biopsies, along with two chunks taken out before they became cancer) and he said it was heat rashes, much like a baby gets. It's from the heat off the asphalt (any source really) and dirt that clogs the pores in your skin. On hot humid days you get more dirt from the moisture and you sweat more, but since your legs are clogged it creates irritation.

    The only thing you can really do is try and keep your legs clean, but who are we kidding. At the end of the day I take a shower and my legs burn during and after a shower. By the next morning they feel fine and ready to start again. This generally only happens during hot, humid days.