Rastafarian wins discrimination suit against UPS over beard

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    Rastafarian wins discrimination suit against UPS over beard - NJ.com

    A federal jury in Trenton has ordered United Parcel Service to pay $10,000 to a Jersey City man who was denied a job because his Rastafarian religious beliefs forbid him from shaving his beard.
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    B.S.....the grooming standards are clear and have been for decades. This guy needs a job in the pre-load or something.....
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    The article did not specifically state what job he was applying for but I would have to assume it was a driver position due to the customer contact. When I was hired I was on terminal leave from the Air Force and had 2 weeks growth and was told that it had to be gone or not to bother showing up the following morning. I figured $70K plus was more important than some facial hair (although every vacation I grow my "vacation beard") and showed up clean shaven. However, there is nothing in my religion (Catholic) which deals with facial hair, so it is not my place to judge this man based upon his religious convictions; however, I also believe that a corporation has the right to set grooming standards and potential employees must adhere to these or they should seek employment elsewhere. It sounds like the $10K was simply "shut the hell up and go away" money.
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    I agree, sounds like the guy didn't really want the job but knowing the standard, went to the interview knowing full well what would happen. He just happened to have his lawyers card in his pocket at the time and called him immediately.
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    Hey, maybe now I could sue the company because my wife likes me having a goatee!!! If this guys religion is his excuse, my wife thinks she is the next thing to GOD so it must be ok. RIGHT???
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    We have drivers with beards(short,trimmed) They get a medical from doctor which states shaving everyday hurts their skin...I have one( a medical) but don't use it..
  7. ideliver2u67

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    No kidding, a medical excuse for shaving!!! Do you have hemopheliacs in your building?? haha
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    UPS spokeswoman Susan Rosenberg said the company plans to appeal. UPS, the world's largest package delivery company, has a longstanding policy of accommodating religious beliefs, she said. Mason was offered an alternative job, which he declined, Rosenberg said.
    Mason applied in November 2004 for a seasonal job at the UPS facility in Secaucus. He was told his roughly one-inch beard left him ineligible to work directly with customers as a driver's assistant. Instead, he was offered a lower-paying job as a package handler, working in the back of a warehouse, he said.
    He filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which filed the suit in 2006.
    "Employees should never be hidden from the public in the back room or paid inferior wages simply because they are practicing their religion," said Spencer H. Lewis, district director for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's New York District Office.
    Mason, who works as a furniture mover, said he was pleased with the verdict.
    "It's going to give other people a chance that I may have not gotten," he said.

    Just someone else looking for a quick buck!!!
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    If the Boy Scouts of America can beat a lawsuit from the Atheists, UPS can surely win this one. The rules have been in place for 100 years and it's not like UPS didn't try to accomodate(sp) him with another position. I am so tired of the discrimination defense as a means of making a buck. I am offended at everyone else being offended:sick:
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    Go to my profile page.
    I can grow a beard with the best of them.
    I was clean shaven and the only applicant wearing a coat and tie in the Texas employment office when I went to interview for UPS.
    300 people there and most looked like they just rolled out of bed.
    I was the only one hired for temporary Christmas help that day.
    One day lay off and was hired as a full time driver on Jan. 3rd.
    Dress for success is an old saw, but it still should apply.
    Religion is an internal belief system, not a external physical display of self.
  11. rod

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    So what would stop every dickweed with a beard from trying to apply at UPS so they can collect their 10 grand? These damn judges that make rulings like this make me puke.
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    Jury not judge
  13. InTheRed

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    so this guy was applying for seasonal driver helper of all positions...
  14. stevetheupsguy

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    They offered him an inside position, which to my understanding would have been more money per hour, if I understand correctly.
  15. local804

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    Negative Upstate,
    If 10 grand was offered to shut the hell up and go away, it would have never made it to a trial.
  16. stevetheupsguy

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    UPS' lawyers probably charged triple this on this case, and here we are, in another thread, discussing layoffs, go figger.
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    Someone needs to get this decision reversed and have Rasta-man pay UPS's legal bills. He's a jerk......me me me me me me !!!!
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    10 grand will buy this guy a lot of weed. I bet he would have sued to get a smoke break and a bong holder added to the Package Car if he did get hired.....
  19. stevetheupsguy

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    Funny that you say this. What's the deal with all of the Ganja? Is Rasta their religion and Weed their god?
  20. scratch

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    They use ganja to worship God is my understanding.

    Ridiculous lawsuit in my opinion. As a Methodist, can I now grow my hair long
    and a beard to resemble the way Jesus is portrayed by Renaissance painters?
    This guy was offered another position by UPS, not denied employment. If you don't like the appearance guidelines, then get a job elsewhere where you can look as unprofessional as you want.