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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by babboo25, Dec 8, 2007.

  1. babboo25

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    Just curious as to why UPS never freezes rates? Are they not allowed to,(monopoly?). We are always being pushed to get sales leads. Right now we basically have the same "published rates as FDX. But say FDX raised their rates and we don't. Wouldn't u think that would lead to increased volume? Also I just heard FDX took a major UPS account in Indiana, 5 trailers a day. Any word on this?
  2. VTBrown

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    You want UPS to freeze rates?

    How about our wages get frozen or better yet ask the government to freeze the cost of fuel. Or find cheaper health care....ect.
  3. babboo25

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    All i asked was a simple question, and u have to be a *****. I never said I wanted UPS to freeze rates, just wanted to know why the don't. Get back on the short bus and learn to read.... UPS wants more volume, freeze rates. Our wages in the next contract are minimal at that. And i am totally fine with what i am paid. Rate increases I believe are done for the sole purpose of the stock price. With so many families loosing their homes and jobs it would be nice to see UPS and other companies give a little break.
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  4. Fnix

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    We have more vehicles that are gas hogs and UPS needs to pay for those.
  5. VTBrown

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    You asked a question and got an answer.

    You call me a ***** - yet it's a pretty simple to figure out, no?
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  6. tups

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    Wow, a little touchy? I think a good answer for you is that UPS cannot freeze their rates simply because the cost of doing business continues to rise every year, so they must raise their rates to stay competetive. I would think that for UPS the biggest costs are fuel, equipment and labor costs, and those costs are always on the rise. Otherwise, we'd all still be getting $10 an hour, and driving trucks made in 1940. (although more than of few of the truck in my center certainly appear that old) But the short answer is that it is a simple case of economics. Rates need to increase to keep up with the cost of doing business. Oh and by the way.....don't be critical of someone's ability to read, and start calling them names when you can't even get your spelling or grammar correct.
  7. upsgrunt

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    He posts a great question though; say we freeze our rates for a year. Wouldn't the added volume, and the increased revenue from it, offset the loss of revenue from the rate increase? Also, wouldn't the stops be more condensed, therefore decreasing costs? Bottom line, is it better to make a dollar each on millions of packages or .50 each on thousands of packages?
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    Name one thing that i misspelled Einstein. By the way u misspelled competitive.
  9. tups

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    Wow what a *****!
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    He asked a question on a discussion board and shouldnt get wise ass answers. Then the name calling begins and its like world war 3 again. Grow up guys.
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    I agree.:peaceful:People get too hostile on these boards, can't count how many times i've been hung up to dry because I posted something that someone else disagreed with. (Hope all my spelling was correct, lol)
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    I disagree with your "agree"! I disagree with, aaaa...something about your posts, just don't know what yet.

    I know what! I disagree with your "Hope all my spelling was correct", yeah, that's it!

    So there!
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    I hear ya Hman....
    Get you ballot in the mail? Ps Mets are making some lame moves this off season, agree?
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    No ballot yet, Only lame move I see was Milledge. Any others I don't know about?? Don't worry, we will have Dontrell and Johann come spring training, that would be sweet!!
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    You may get Dontrelle but Johan has already been fitted for a Red Sox jersey. SANTANA and 57 look really good on the back. Beckett, Santana, Dice-K, Schilling and Wakefield start and Papelbon will take care of the rest. If I were a Mets fan, I think I'd rather keep David Wright then get Dontrelle.
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    No need to trade Wright for Willis.
    Sunday 8:00 p.m. Dec 9th 1st race at Woodbine harness
    #2 horse Colonel Cam 7/2 odds. oops off topic sorry.
  17. tonyexpress

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    EXACTLY!!! :peaceful:
  18. BigBrownSanta

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    I believe fedex announced their rate increase after we announced our rate increase. Their increase pretty much matched our increase. If we had announced a rate freeze, fedex would have probably done the same IMO.
  19. heyman

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    Look FedEx Ground and Express set their rates off of UPS and always will. Worked FedEX for a few years and one of my center managers told me FedEx will always raise its rates soon as UPS announces theirs.
  20. VTBrown

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    No it's not a good question. If we freeze our rates, so will the competition. How will we gain anything from that? We already are more expensive.