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Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by NOOBZ, Feb 12, 2015.

  1. NOOBZ

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    Just feeling the need to ITCH.. From the time I started at UPS FREIGHT it been a nightmare. Every time I get on a bid run with a driver we get bumped. Driver comes back, run cut ect...... Aghhhh. Thanks
  2. Buckethead

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    Same used to happen with our terminal. part due to change of operations, cut runs, or... since our board was so large, there was always someone going on or coming off disability/workers comp.
  3. Skeeters

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    I guess that is the nature of the beast...
  4. Harry Manback

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    I like Bee's Knees more than Rat's @ss.
  5. NOOBZ

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    I find bee's knees are crunchy and get stuck in between my teeth. Rat's @sses are meaty.
  6. quicker

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    Like I tell all new drivers , pack your lunch bring a water bottle and MAKE THE MONEY

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  7. Skeeters

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    I know that can be aggravating but everyone has to start at the bottom. The ones at the top had to go through it also. This probably doesn't help you much but hang in there.


    been there ...and get used to it. runs are constantly changing for all kinds of reason
    how you like driving different trucks every week?
  9. NOOBZ

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