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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by trucker1946, Aug 29, 2006.

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    In the years I worked for UPS I had many payroll problems,whenever I received a payroll check that was either short or overpaid I questioned my boss,It drove him crazy.One year I was on sleepers at Xmas,had a great week out 6 days during holidays, I figured out my pay for the week app.$3500,I received my check the next week in the amount of $35000,I told my boss that i was overpaid,his response was stop bothering me,keep it as a bonus.This event happened in 2002,I am retired now and that check was never questioned and is in my bank account.,what a great company
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    Wow, what a nice error in your favor!
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    Your so full of it Trucker. Why are you making stuff up again? I remember your thread when you claimed to be blood brothers or something like that with the CEO of UPS and you got his name wrong. Now your saying UPS gave you a check for 35K and nobody questioned it? You expect us to believe that accounting wouldn't catch that one? You know what, I don't want to be your son-in-law anymore.
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    Full Of Crap!
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    I think you just became my new hero.....
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    If I went this long, I never woulda told a soul, much less browncafe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Not to mention, isnt the check calculated as a direct result of hoursXpayrate? The only way that they could mess up on a check like that is if the did a payment correction or bonus, which 35K, would be a red flag.
    On a side note, when I was part time, I had a check that had an assessment or something like that, for 200 bucks, which doubled my check. I mentioned it to my supervisor, he had no idea, and he said not to worry about it.
  8. over9five

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    Ya know, I respected you Trucker. But you let me down.
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    cannot believe UPS employees can make so many bucks in USA $3500/week, 48 times compared with the guys' revenue in China!!
  10. internetuser

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    UPS US treats its employees good.
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    Hey trucker.....UPS dont have a CFO??? you mean they never
    found the mistake they made??? wowi cant wait to get hired.
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    what's even funnier, is if you're actually his son in law.... :laugh:
  13. hoser

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    and what's the cost of living in china?
  14. traveler

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    Don't know the cost of living in China but it can't be much in dollar terms since we took a half hour cab ride just cost me ¥ 22 or about $2.75 in Beijing. I gave the driver a ¥ 50 (40¢) tip and he was very, very grateful! (The tip is actually included in the price of the fare.) Also had a great lunch at the YaShow market, ¥ 20 for both my wife and I together!
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    And you are a liar...regardless of hours driven, that is a lie, you would have to drive across the country 5 times in 5 days in one week to make are a liar, and have never made that much, even at top pay, you are way short! Liar. Sick Eskew on me, since you know him!
  16. traveler

    traveler Where next? Venice


    I think it was Jack Kelley who he said he knew. (More commonly called Jim Kelly (CEO prior to Mike Eskew) by those who actually know him.)

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    Payroll does screw up sometimes. I remember getting a check for my vacation pay that I had already received. I gave them back the check, and went on with a clear conscience. You might not get fired over dishonesty in an instance like this, but I would keep an eye on a driver who knowingly took money that didn't belong to him.