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    all of the trips in my building are in the process of being re looped. We were told to start 15 minutes early Tuesday so they could show us how our trips would be changing. I've been on this trip for 5 years. They took 80% of my trip off of me and replaced it with parts of 2 other trips. Bottom line, this is not the trip that I bidded on in Janurary. Has anyone heard if they can change a bidded trip that much. I contacted our local and they are checking into it.
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    I believe you can follow your work.
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    Here if a route changes by more than 50% you can bump a junior driver.
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    They did our center about 2 years ago.What a disaster.
    The IE guys stormed in and basically said,we don't care what you want,or what you think.
    This is how it's gonna be from now on.They then leave and let the poor oncars deal with the
    resulting chaos.I pass the guy in the area beside me almost every day as we deliver to places
    that are right beside each other.
    It would go much smoother if they took the time to ask for driver area knowledge.
    I think they can do whatever they want,after all,there is no trademark on "your" area.
    Don't sweat it,just follow instructions,and call if you need help.
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    When the center miles go up by 500 a day IE will be nowhere to be found. There is no such thing as your trip anymore. Or your loop. You deliver what's thrown in your truck. And like it.
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    Things change, routes change, cars change, times change. This is the way it has to be in order to stay in business. Otherwise we would all still be delivering packages in old model T fords.
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    Did they have handrails?