Ready for the holiday rush

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    Ready for the holiday rush - Yahoo

    With more than a century's worth of experience in delivering millions of packages around the world in time for the holidays, UPS is once again giving Santa Claus a run for his money as it prepares for its 101st holiday Peak Season.

    "The holiday rush is always a busy and exciting time for UPS, and this year will be no exception," said Mike Tierney, president of UPS Canada. "Our customers rely on us to provide the best possible service to ensure their packages arrive on time. With our sophisticated logistics network, advanced technology and dedicated employees, we are more than ready to handle the busy season."
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    anyone from the saddle brook nj ups know how much the driver helper gets i work in the meadowlands ups and noone there could tell me?
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    I don't know, Cheryl -- well yes I do. The volume isn't there. Hardly any QVC and we used to have gads of them. Huge boxes of fake greenery for the flower shops, nope. I've seen two large wreath boxes.

    We aren't buying.