Really thinking about quitting

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  1. After four years, I’m thinking about calling it quits. Running a business and working all night is taking its toll and the business is starting to suffer. Bring in $190-$220 a week is just not worth loosing the blusiness. The only thing that worries me is not having health care.

    My question is. What will happen to my unused sick/vac/opt days?? Will they be paid out since they were earned or lost? Thank you

    I know i know, i won’t let the door hit me on the way out lol
  2. RolloTony Brown Town

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    Contact your local hr. I’m sure they’ll be super helpful in figuring out all of your needs.
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  3. Indecisi0n

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    What kind of business you have?
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    lemonaid stand
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    He said blusiness not business.
  6. What about your health insurance?
    And you know if you work less than 5 years you lose your pension.
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  7. trickpony1

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    ...and you have to work a certain number of hours in each of those years for it to count as a year.

    The OP may be SOL and not even know it.
  8. It's 750 here for part time.
  9. eats packages

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    I would try to get out after ensuring your scrap of the pension is secured.
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  10. Better use your sick and option days up.

    Got a health issue that may qualify for fmla? If so, if you get your work days reduced to a couple days a week theyll pay out your vacations for the other 3 days.
    Maybe work one day a week on fmla and still have healthcare for a few months (about 3) while you shop around for more healthcare coverage before you quit.
    You will probably have one week held back... not that you have many... to take.

    Just one option...if you qualify.
  11. That's pretty cheap. How much for two?
  12. BigBrown87

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    He means hours required to obtain a pension credit per PT in the central region.
  13. I put a dollar sign in front of the 750 he posted to pokie a little fun with gumby.
  14. RolloTony Brown Town

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    Omg just quit already
  15. tenor-5.gif
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  16. Poop Head

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    In situations like these, meth can be a good option
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  17. 14.99
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  19. Went to H.R and the h.r girl sed that she wasn’t sure and to go speak to the shop steward. Went to speak to shop steward and he told me that he wasn’t sure and that my best bet would be to just complete the 5 years (march 2020)and use the days. That way I’ll have some kind of pension. Came on brown cafe and was told to use meth and set loose the blusiness lol
  20. trickpony1

    trickpony1 Well-Known Member

    Before you quit, you may want to get a letter from the company saying you're "vested" in the pension and, precisely, how many hours for each of those 5 years you worked.

    You may have years that you didn't work the required hours...IDK.

    Safeguard that letter so when the company tries to screw you, many years from now, you'll have proof.
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