Reason i wont have kids

Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by sealbasher, Apr 1, 2009.

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    Today i was driving down a side street in my brown bus and a kid about 12 maybe 13,grabbed on to my drivers side mirror arm,tried to stop but he rushed at my truck,i thought he was going to jump in front of me,but no grabbed on the mirror arm as i was stopping and down to the road he went.I dont know if he was hurt,but he almost bounced into a on coming car,how are you supposed to avoid this,a few years ago a kid jumped on the back bumper as i was taking off,last min i saw him in back up camara hit the brakes and bounced right off the back,and his parents were sitting and watching and did nothing.
    Belive me had to cool off before post this or the language would have been colourful to say the least.
  2. What'dyabringmetoday???

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    That is definitely an excellent reason to refrain from having children.
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    Don't let a few bad apples ruin a bunch of matured ones.
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    All kids are not like that. I have two grown sons and they are a source of strength, the rewards have been wonderful, they make me proud every day. And if I had ever seen them do anything like that I would have beat them to a pulp. Therein lies the difference.
    I deal with kids like that every day, in the summer it gets worse.
    You need a license to have a dog, and if you let it get out of control you get sued like a mad rapist. But nothing happens to the parents of unruly kids. They just grow up into worthless flesh. Its sad.
    It starts with respect. They have none. They will kill each other over a pair of shoes.
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    If that's not a good enough reason i can tell you about the last three days of vacation at the Wisconsin dells! I have 3 kids oldest boy is 6 and 3 year old twins and each of them wanted to do their own thing! I cant wait to go back to work on Monday!
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    Reason I won't have kids? Vasectomy:wink2:
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    Even tho you don't sleep much the first year or two, "me time" doesn't
    happen until they're about 6, and raising a child from birth to adult costs
    more than you've ever earned, could not imagine life without them!
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    Red, where did you stay. The Wildeness, Blackwolf, Kalahari? Did you have a Monk burger?
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    Drew dear, not all of us are cold-hearted women. :wink2:

    But the ones that are were probably that way because of a man! Hehehehehe:stalker:
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    Too many parents try to be friends with their children.
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    Drewed... that post gives us unprecedented insight. Do you choose cold hearted womeen, or do they evolve after the two of you spend time together?:happy2:
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    I have been a Mom since I was 17. I wouldn't know what its like not to have kids. Ours have been a joy, not too much trouble. We try to raise them to be responsible and respectful. We tried to make a united front with them. Sadly, not all parents do that.
    I've also had kids try to grab at my truck(they got a stern talking to), but I've also had kids be polite and helpful when making a delivery. Not all kids are spoiled little monsters., but all have the potential to be from time to time.
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    UPS will blame you for everything.

    Be careful.

    People out their trying to score easy money too.
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    We stayed at the wilderness lodge and would do it again in a heart beat. Only downside is it is so big and spread out. With 2 young kids (3) it was a lot of walking or putting on jackets to take the shuttle from water park to water park/hotel room.

    We did rent a condo at glacier canyon that had a kitchen and two bedrooms, one with a king bed and the other had a queen with a bunk bed over it.

    We did eat at monks for dinner and the burger was good and the kids got their food on a frisbee which they got to keep.

    You live near there?
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    I have 2 daughters.

    The oldest, is a 2nd year Math/Physics major, Spanish minor. She is #1 in the math department and just received a fellowship to spend the summer at Wash State Pullman. Working on what????? According to her, a project that she is proposing.

    The youngest does not try so hard at school, she gets As, not A+++ like the older. She is an accomplished off road racer and has won ribbons showing dairy heifers, a potato project and a performance piece that won her a trip to the state fair.

    As you can see, the problem is not having kids, it's having boys.

    Sometimes you have to look at the big picture.

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    Here, Here!:wink2:
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    No, but been there many times. Stayed at the Wilderness in Feb. It irritated me that all the saloons within the complex closed at 10. My kids are older so we can throw them in the room while me and ma have a few libations.